Wednesday, July 1, 2020

You may be doing these things after pregnancy, but it is very harmful to the fetus

As a pregnant mother, after pregnancy, you must know that your first task is to be responsible for the baby in your belly. No matter what you do or where you go, you must think about the baby in your belly so that the fetus can be normal. Developmental and safe birth.

Stroke pregnant belly frequently

Some pregnant mothers will always carelessly touch their pregnant belly after pregnancy, especially for pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time. For curiosity or other reasons, they always want to touch their belly. In order to show their love for the baby. In the second trimester of pregnancy, maybe the prospective dad will also join in, touching the belly of his wife in various ways. Some prospective dads have no experience, and there is no regularity when touching.

In fact, whether it is a pregnant mother or a prospective dad, during pregnancy, she will always carelessly touch the belly of the pregnant mother, and the starting point is good. It is precisely because I love my baby that I want to convey this love to my baby, but touching the pregnant belly frequently during pregnancy is very harmful to the baby in the belly. Frequent touching of the pregnant belly can easily lead to contractions, and more serious can cause premature birth. These are things that pregnant mothers do not want to see, so it is necessary to grasp the "degree" during touching the pregnant belly during pregnancy. Is harmful.

Always angry and angry

Some pregnant mothers will lose their tempers for various reasons after pregnancy. In fact, getting angry and losing your temper during pregnancy is also very detrimental to the healthy development of the baby. This may be known to many pregnant mothers, that is, when it is really time to do it, they can't always control it.

If you want to lose your temper during pregnancy, for pregnant mothers, you must first learn to adjust your mindset. You must know that no matter what is the matter, being angry or losing temper will be of no help in solving the problem. Then ask the pregnant mother's family to also consider the pregnant mother's mood, consider the pregnant mother more considerately, do more things to make the pregnant mother happy.

Someone at home smokes, and pregnant mothers often inhale second-hand smoke

There is a mother in our community who heard her say that she had an accidental miscarriage when she first became pregnant. She said that she didn't know when she was pregnant. The situation in her family is that her husband and her father-in-law love to smoke, and it is still in a serious situation. The mother said that she might be used to it for a long time, so she would not avoid taboos. She always inhales all kinds of second-hand smoke at home. After she knew she was pregnant, she also began to pay attention, but soon she still had a miscarriage. The doctor said that this accidental abortion may be related to her frequent inhalation of second-hand smoke.

If pregnant mothers often inhale second-hand smoke after pregnancy, the impact on the fetus is great. It can affect fetal development, causing fetal malformation. Seriously, it will cause miscarriage of pregnant mothers. Therefore, after pregnancy, you must stay away from second-hand smoke. If the pregnant mother does not pay attention, then only you and the baby will be injured.

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