Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Women with a bad uterus usually have these kinds of "color changes" on their bodies

Women with a bad uterus usually have the following "color changes" on their bodies, so be careful.

Face turned yellow, lips turned black

Take my girlfriend as an example. The most obvious "discoloration" phenomenon on my girlfriend is that her face is now yellower and her lips are blacker than before. My girlfriends have fair skin, so these two changes are quite obvious to her, but she usually doesn't pay much attention to it. Let's talk about the yellowish complexion first, and the dull and dull skin, which shows that women have insufficient blood and energy. The lack of qi and blood may be anemia, and the second may be a disease of the uterus. If it is the latter, and women do not pay attention, if the qi and blood continue to be insufficient, it will further increase the burden on the uterus. Dark lips indicate that there may be too much garbage and toxins in the uterus. If you do not improve quickly, it will not only cause endocrine disorders, but also affect the health of women.

Therefore, do not want to have a problem with the uterus. Those women who have yellow faces and black lips should pay attention to maintenance and treatment. In terms of maintenance, eat more invigorating food, try not to stay up late, and exercise more. In terms of treatment, go to the hospital for a gynecological examination in time, and adjust it in advance at the doctor's advice, don't wait until the problem is serious.

Leucorrhea turns yellow, menstrual blood turns black

When I consulted the doctor about how to take care of the uterus, she told me that most women would not hold back when the illness is mild, and it will be difficult to cure when they come back. For example, she said that there was a patient who had occasional abdominal pain and yellowish leucorrhea at first, but she was embarrassed to see gynecology. Finally, he came to the doctor only when he suffered frequent abdominal pain, menstrual dysmenorrhea, yellow vaginal discharge, and unpleasant odor. As a result, the uterus was greatly damaged on examination. Therefore, the doctor told me that when a woman's leucorrhea turns yellow and menstrual blood turns black, she should seek medical attention in time to avoid damaging the uterus.

The doctor said that if the leucorrhea is transparent, or there is a little white, and there is no smell, it indicates that the female uterus is very healthy. And when the leucorrhea turns yellow, it may indicate that there is inflammation, or that the uterus has been attacked by bacteria and has been damaged to a certain extent. There is also a darkening of menstrual blood, which, together with clumping, is dark red and does not match the normal menstrual blood, which also indicates a problem with the uterus. Therefore, such women should be careful, pay attention to diet and health, drink some brown sugar during menstruation, usually do not eat cold food, pay attention to warming the palace and so on. If you feel that your condition is very serious, don't take care of yourself at home and rush to the hospital to prevent uterine lesions and even cancer.

The uterus is very important for women, especially for women who are planning to become pregnant. Therefore, women must always pay attention to these kinds of "discoloration" on the body that indicate problems with the uterus.

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