Thursday, July 2, 2020

Women who meet these conditions must have children as soon as possible

1. Irregular menstruation

Under normal circumstances, women's menstrual cycle is 21 to 35 days, each time duration is 3 to 5 days. Female eggs are very precious, because we all know that a woman ovulates an egg every month. If a woman’s menstruation is regular, then the ovulation function is normal.

Ovulation function is normal, and couples in the same room during ovulation, it will greatly increase the chance of conception. If a woman's menstruation is irregular, the function of ovulation will be more disordered, so it is difficult to grasp the law of ovulation, and relatively speaking, it is not so good for pregnancy.

2. Gong Han

In daily life, many women cannot get pregnant because of Gong Han. Gong Han's usual performance is cold hands and feet, and there will be dysmenorrhea during menstruation. If the woman's palace is cold, it will lead to poor health, and serious conditions will affect pregnancy.

Especially when you are older, your physique is not as good as before, and your metabolism is relatively slow. This symptom will be more obvious. On the contrary, those women with warm hands and feet are more likely to become pregnant. All women should pay attention to protecting the uterus to avoid cold.

3. Women who have too many miscarriages

Premarital sex is common in this era, but is humanity really liberated? How much do people pay for premarital sex? The most obvious is the increase in abortion. In this operation, women's physical and mental traumas are greatly traumatized, so it is unclear whether premarital sex has liberated human nature or let women fall into other sinkings.

At the same time, women who have too many miscarriages can be said to have scars on their uterus. It is very difficult to wait until the life is truly conceived. Therefore, the editor reminds that sex without a birth plan must pay attention to the use of condoms! Women must learn to protect themselves!

4. Women with premature ovarian failure

Contemporary women are under pressure to work, and often stay up late and have irregular lives. Premature ovarian failure, early menopause, little estrogen secretion, and no ovulation. This situation is not rare, so the editor recommends that you pay more attention to your body, ask about the comfort of your body, and be gentle with your body.

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