Thursday, July 9, 2020

Women master these three sex skills and enhance the interest of husband and wife life

The emotional maintenance between husband and wife is largely related to sex. As a woman, you can not only enjoy sex, but also need to pay in sex. The most important thing is that you have to master these three sex skills, then your lover will I will always miss your bed.

1. Women master these three sex skills and enhance the interest of couples in life

1. Relive his endless sexual pleasure

In fact, in sexual life, women want to bring sexual pleasure to men. It is super simple. You only need to take a little initiative and pay more, then men will feel your interest. For example, during foreplay, you not only respond to him, but you can also try to do some foreplay that women can do to him. For example, kissing his chest, touching his body with his hands, these simple actions can stimulate a man’s strong sexual desire and make him more fanatical to you.

2. Give yourself a sexy dress

In fact, men are particularly visual animals. Their first impression of women is their appearance. When you are about to start sex, the biggest impact on him is your clothing. When you wear that kind of clothing, it looks like Lu Fei. When the clothes are extremely sexy, he can feel the hazy beauty of your looming figure. The desire of a man to explore a woman's body will bring him into the best state of sexual battle.

3. Women should be shy and euphemistic in sex

Men are naturally possessive. They tend to prefer women who are a little bit shy or subtle. So, in the life of couples, remember to be a little bit shy and half push and half enjoy. The most fascinating men are. In addition, just remember the sound of calling the bed, enjoy it as much as possible, as you shout, he who believes in you will also work harder, let you all enter the climax.

Many women only know how to enjoy the struggle of men when they are in sex, but forget that you can also do things that make men have more sexual desires. Remembering these sex skills will make him more obsessed with you.

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