Thursday, July 2, 2020

Women in these situations are prone to ectopic pregnancy, mostly related to men

Women in these situations are prone to ectopic pregnancy, which is more related to men. After reading it, they are too angry.

Multiple abortions cause reproductive system damage

There is a rumor circulating on the Internet, who hasn't met a few scumbags in his life, saying that a woman may encounter failure on the emotional path and get pregnant unexpectedly. If you are not happy, the woman will have to destroy the fetus in the abdomen, and every abortion will hurt the uterus. Because the damage to the reproductive system is difficult to recover, the consequence is that it may affect the normal implantation of the fertilized egg, and it is prone to ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, women must pay attention to protective measures, do not believe in the safety period, in case of an accident, the most injured are women.

Improper contraception

In the life of couples, many people choose women as the contraceptive side. The method is nothing more than contraceptives, but they do not know that the contraceptives have great side effects, especially emergency contraception. Eating too much may cause ectopic pregnancy. Many women will say that since contraceptives are not working, then I will go to the head office in Sheung Wan. I don’t know that IUD cannot avoid ectopic pregnancy. Putting the IUD on can only rule out the possibility of uterine pregnancy. It does not mean that I can avoid ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, there are only two best methods of contraception: one is for men to wear condoms, and the other is for men to ligature. The former does not have any side effects on men’s bodies, which is my most recommended way; the latter has little side effects on men’s bodies, at least much smaller than letting women go to the ring. It is the mainstream method of contraception.

Not paying attention to hygiene in the lives of couples

Everyone knows that one of the main causes of ectopic pregnancy is chronic tubal inflammation, and the cause is unclean behavior in the life of the couple. According to research and investigation, men are responsible for most of these responsibilities, because the vast majority of women have good hygiene habits, but men do not pay attention, only to bring female bacteria to cause chronic fallopian tube inflammation, which leads to ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, women must keep men clean and hygienic before proceeding with their husbands and wives. I have met a woman before, and every time husband and wife require men to clean with alcohol. Although it is not required to achieve this level, women should understand the importance of hygiene.

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