Wednesday, July 1, 2020

With these performances in her husband's life, fertility will not be too bad

When there are the following performances in her husband's life, it means that fertility will not be too bad, and expectant mothers will not have to worry about it.

Like fitness, exercise every day

It is inevitable for men to work outside, and there are also many miscellaneous entertainments. As a result, they are busy with chores every day and will inevitably not pay attention to their health. Therefore, many infertile couples are caused by her husband's poor health, poor metabolism, and problems with "little tadpoles." For men with strong fertility, the opposite is true. Although they are busy with their work, they will push away some unnecessary entertainment and spend a lot of time exercising. This husband who likes to exercise and exercise every day has good health and normal functions. The "tadpoles" are active and their fertility is not too bad. When preparing for a pregnancy, a wife only needs to pay attention to her own health and make some routine preparations, so she can easily become pregnant and have a smooth pregnancy.

Eat regularly, with good appetite

A friend of mine said that although she went out alone with her husband after marriage, she never had a "comfortable day". It turned out that her husband was a regular eater and urged his wife to cook a hearty meal every day. My friend said: "After marriage, I eat three meals a day, two dishes and one soup, and I haven’t made less of a meal. My husband doesn’t cook, he doesn’t eat takeaway, he eats regularly, and he has a good appetite, which is really annoying. I am, I really hope he can enjoy eating out as well as other husbands." However, my friend said his husband is in good health. They belong to a late marriage of old age and go to check up before pregnancy. The doctor said that her husband has better fertility than energetic young men. Therefore, they got pregnant soon after they got married, and now the second child is successfully pregnant.

Do not smoke and drink, do not stay up late

Pregnancy couples have the common sense that their husbands should quit smoking and alcohol during pregnancy, and avoid staying up late. The purpose is to raise "little tadpoles" and give birth to healthy babies. This is mainly because the nicotine in cigarettes and the alcohol in alcohol can affect the quality and vitality of male "tadpoles", and men who often drink alcohol and tobacco addiction can also have infertility symptoms. Staying up late will also make the male body's metabolic ability worse, which is not good for the growth of "little tadpoles". Therefore, those husbands who do not smoke, drink or stay up all night can avoid these unfavorable pregnancies and can save expectant mothers who are pregnant.

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