Wednesday, July 1, 2020

With the birth of a child, most women will experience lateral pain

With the birth of a child, most women will experience lateral pain. Why is this the case?

There is a saying that in order to reduce the risk, the doctor allows the child to be born faster, so as to avoid accidents and even assume responsibility, so when the mother is giving birth, as long as there is a possibility of difficulty in giving birth, the doctor will give the woman a lateral cut. You can shorten the production process without taking the risk of accidents. What the second sister wants to say is that in fact everyone can rest assured that as long as the birth is in a regular hospital, the doctor’s basic medical ethics are still there. If it is not the case of the mother, the doctor does not need to be cut. Do, after all, lateral incision has a great impact on the future life of the mother.

When I was in the delivery room, I encountered such a thing. There was a maternal who was in good condition when she was giving birth, but the maternal was afraid of pain. In order to give birth to the child quickly, she actively asked the doctor to cut herself. At this time, the doctor not only did not listen to the mother, but also told the mother that her condition might not need to be cut sideways, allowing her to concentrate on giving birth. Therefore, the key factor in deciding whether or not to shunt is the maternity's own production conditions. The reason why the side cutting rate is so high is mainly because of these reasons.

The fetus is too large, making it more difficult to give birth

Some women have no restraint on their diet throughout pregnancy, especially during the second trimester. They even take care of their recklessness, so that the fetus is too large, making it more difficult to give birth. At this time, if the doctor does not cut the maternal side, it may happen even more. danger. In the recently popular TV series "Knowing No", the mother of the heroine had two babies and two fatalities when she gave birth, because someone had been giving supplements during her mother's pregnancy, so that the fetus was too large, and the difficulty of giving birth increased. At that time, the medical conditions were underdeveloped.

A fetus that is too large does increase the risk of maternal labor. At this time, the reason why the doctor will cut the maternal side is also a helpless measure after weighing the pros and cons, otherwise greater risks may occur, so the maternal must be aware of the seriousness.

Maternal physical weakness, the fetus is in danger

When some mothers give birth, due to various reasons, the mothers' lack of strength will make it harder to have children. After all, having a baby is an individual effort. If the maternal strength is low, the fetus and the adult are very dangerous. At this time, in order to make the mother give birth to the child more safely, the doctor will also choose to cut side.

It is recommended that mothers should not be self-willed when entering the delivery room and have to follow the instructions of the doctor and midwife, and learn to "preserve physical strength", so that the birth will be smoother and the chance of side cutting will be lower.

The birth process is too long, and the fetus is at risk of hypoxia

Some mothers give birth for too long due to various reasons, so that the fetus may be at risk of hypoxia. For example, a maternal who has a large fetus or a sudden change of fetal position may not be able to give birth. At this time, the doctor will also choose a lateral incision, and even a serious condition will even switch to cesarean section.

The cut-off of normal delivery can only be said to be a doctor's measure in order to better be responsible to the mother and weigh the pros and cons. The mother must understand it. If you don't want to cut the side, you should pay more attention during pregnancy, you can't make the baby too big, and you must follow the doctor's instructions when giving birth. This is a wise move.

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