Thursday, July 9, 2020

Wife's coldness: what should I do if my wife is cold?

What should I do if my wife is cold? A wife should also be a monk, which is estimated to be the most miserable thing in the world. How should boys escape from the daughter-in-law who talks about sex? What is the difference between congenital and acquired? Let everyone come to master and explore the wife's coldness, what is the solution for boys!

One, incorrect sexual life consciousness. When some women grow up, there will be cold sex talk, it will be from an early age to accept the incorrect sexual life consciousness, for example, clothing, food and housing in a very traditional home, there are strict old people who always have cultural education, sex is incorrect, It is a very shameful thing that a good wife should not love the life of a husband and wife and have a relationship with a boy. When a girl has accepted such a concept since she was a child, when she grows up, she has all the normal sexual desires, and nature will work hard to overcome it. After a long time, the development trend will naturally become a cold talk.

Second, psychological trauma. Some women have problems with sexual cold talks. Some will have a poor impression on their mental state. The shadow will be in the heart for a long time. If they resist the sex life, nature’s desire for sexual love will be reduce. Something like this will suffer from childhood.

Ways to deal with the coldness of women

1. Discover new sexy and charming points

The ultimate sex life means that you love to pursue perfect creativity, there is no need to stick to stereotypes, it is a very smart approach. Many people do not know where in their body they like to be touched, because people have been used to touching these sensitive areas that have already been identified. Spend about an hour stroking his body-brushing his skin with his fingertips-and then he will do the same to you. You can find sexy and charming topographic maps that only belong to you.

2. Communicate with each other. Communication between husband and wife is the key. In daily life, things must be communicated, and husband and wife life must be more communicated. People need to understand people’s wives. Do it yourself regardless of your wife's experience.

3. Learn to accumulate impulses

The prerequisite for accumulating impulse is to learn proper abstinence. It’s not easy for many people to care about 1 week of sex life, but 2 weeks is a suitable time to create enough urge. Set certain standards, for example, be able to stroke but not break the boundaries, but don’t let the abstinence last for a long time, otherwise the urge to join together will be gone, and you will lose something because of small, and Isn't it?

4. Give your wife a lot of care and application. Usually pay more attention to the things your wife cares about the most, improve the communication between husband and wife, pay more attention to your wife, use the little things of daily life to harm your wife, and make your family more warm and harmonious. Applicable to the wife's career work, to meet the wife's legitimate requirements, so that the wife can experience the warmth of home and love.

5. Boys enjoy sexual foreplay

In short, it means reducing the rate of chronic life. Basically, for all boys, sex life is like this event. If you go uphill soon, they are already impatient to cross the finish line. But boys should enjoy sexual foreplay well, take the time to master how to make the other party excited, and give her a very good climax. So after all, there is no need to feel guilty about sexual foreplay-maybe he should do that!

6. Properly guide and stimulate the sexual concept of the sexual wife. According to the communication between the husband and wife at home, continue to attract the wife, correctly guide the wife to the appropriate sexual concept level, use various methods to adjust the intimacy between the couple, and let the wife slowly change indifferently.

In the final analysis, the causes of female coldness are very complicated, lacking proper gender knowledge, not actively pursuing perfect sexual pleasure, and having a sense of guilt for sex, which is the most common psychological state of women. With the idea of ​​"sexual life is a man's thing", many women always complain about the lack of intimacy of boys, and do not regard sex life as such enjoyment, which is equivalent to fully automatic selection into a husband's sex tool. But I think that very few sexual cold talks are long-term and cannot be changed, so I want your two-way careful care of mental state and physiology. It is awaited that cold talk of sex turns into sexual impulse.

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