Saturday, July 4, 2020

Why not travel with children? These 3 points are very realistic

The following editor will elaborate, why not take children under five to travel?

1. The environment is too strange, it is difficult for children to adapt immediately

For children, they are very insecure and have poor ability to adapt to the environment. Although for adults, the beautiful scenery will make people feel relaxed and relaxed. But for children, it was just a strange and terrible place. And when you travel, you have to change places constantly, and your child will become more uneasy.

2. The distance is too long, the child can't stand it

If you're playing with children up close, it's okay to say something. But if you take the child far away, climb the mountain and wade, the child's body will be unbearable. For adults, it feels like nothing, but if it is too far, the child may be exhausted on the road and lost interest in beauty, he will only find it long and difficult.

3. The child's immunity is relatively low, and it is easier to get sick when playing

The immunity of a child's body is certainly no match for an adult. If the temperature of the environment changes abruptly in the place where you are going to play, your child will catch a cold easily. Moreover, when traveling, it is generally not good to rest and not eat well, so that it will make it easier for children to get sick.

In fact, when the child is very young, take him out, and the child will not necessarily remember when he grows up. After all, he is so young, it is estimated that he will forget it within a few months of returning home. Of course, it does not mean that children cannot be taken out for tourism at all. Under reasonable circumstances, it is better for children to play in the city before the age of two, and do not leave the province before the age of three.

Before a child is five years old, taking a child for a long journey is an overdraft of the child's body. It's better to wait until the child is older and the body is about to develop. It's not too late to take the child out to play!

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