Thursday, July 2, 2020

Why is there a "black line" on my belly after pregnancy?

Many inexperienced pregnant mothers have such confusion. Why is there a "black line" on the belly after pregnancy? What is this black line and how is it different from others in length and depth?

What is the "black line"?

The answer is this. For women, generally around three months of pregnancy, a "black line" will start to grow on the belly, and different women have different colors and lengths of this "black line". The big difference. Medically, this "black line" is called "pregnancy line", which means that this is a normal condition after pregnancy, basically 90% of pregnant mothers will have it, mainly because of the changes in hormone secretion and pigmentation of women after pregnancy result.

This "black line" will also change with the change of the pregnant mother's pregnancy cycle. It will become more obvious in the second trimester. Some pregnant women have more pigment in their bodies. Before production, the "black line" will spread from the perineum to the navel. Even the chest, some pregnant mothers are just a very short and thin line, you can not see it without careful observation. Most of these are related to the physique of the pregnant mother. The editor’s suggestion is that pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about it.

Will the "black line" disappear?

Generally speaking, the "black line" on the belly disappears automatically after the pregnant mother has given birth to the baby for a period of time. Therefore, this black line will not affect the "face value" of the pregnant mother. It's just that there is a difference between the time when the "black line" disappears. Some women disappear after a short time after giving birth, and some women still have the "black line" after one or two years. This is mainly related to personal physique, pregnant mothers do not need to care too much, this black line will not affect your face value.

Mind if the "black line" makes the belly ugly, what do I need to do?

If you really mind that this "black line" affects your "face value", the editor recommends that pregnant mothers during pregnancy can also take appropriate measures to prevent it. Similar to pregnancy, according to the physical condition, pregnant mothers can do some yoga during pregnancy to increase the belly's toughness, but you must pay attention to safety when exercising. Although beauty is very important, safety can not be ignored; conditional pregnant mothers You can also use olive oil to dilute the "black line", or add some collagen, but these are to some extent to the "black line" desalination will have some effects, can not fundamentally eliminate "black" Line, after all, this is also a normal phenomenon that pregnant mothers should have during pregnancy.

Pregnancy for women, there will be some changes in many aspects of the body, these are also what women must pay before upgrading to become a mother, and must be experienced after pregnancy, whether it is "ugly" or "beautiful", for pregnant mothers To maintain a good mood, give birth to a baby with peace of mind, and provide a good environment for the growth of the fetus. Only in this way can the fetus develop better and be born safely and smoothly.

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