Thursday, July 2, 2020

Why is the speed of opening the fingers at the mouth of the palace during production fast or slow?

We know that when pregnant mothers give birth, they must go through these stages, which are contractions, openings, and childbirth. For each stage, pregnant women with different constitutions experience different time. Especially at this time when the mouth of the uterus is open, some pregnant mothers find that they have entered the delivery room long ago, and several hours have passed, but their mouths have not been opened to the ten fingers. The mouth opened to ten fingers, why is this?

In fact, the reason why the speed of the pregnant mother's opening of the palace will be fast or slow is mainly determined by these factors.

These are the number of births of the pregnant mother, the fetal position of the baby in the pregnant mother's belly, and the contraction ability of the pregnant mother's uterus.

Another factor also affects the time the pregnant mother opens the uterus, whether the amniotic fluid ruptures. When my baby was born, the reason why my gongkou opened slowly was partly because the amniotic fluid did not break. Later, after the doctor helped me to break the water, it didn't take long for the gongkou to open.

If you belong to the type of pregnant mother who opens the palace faster, then congratulations. After this type of mother enters the delivery room, the birth process is generally shorter because of the faster opening of the palace. Of course, you will suffer less. After all, the taste is uncomfortable when the pain occurs.

The speed of Kai Gong Kou is to some extent the pregnant mother can't control her. This pregnant mother must be aware of what she has in mind, and then when she enters the delivery room, she can control her well and is the greatest help to the production.

After entering the delivery room, the pregnant mother should adjust her mentality and easily face the production, but she is not too worried and does not put too much unnecessary pressure on herself. When there is pain, you can properly divert your attention. For example, pregnant mothers can let themselves eat some food and replenish energy. They can also chat with the pregnant mothers next to them, instead of doing nothing, just thinking about how to open the palace Slow, why is it so painful. Enter the delivery room and give everything to the doctor. I believe that the doctor will let him suffer the least pain in the shortest time and let the baby be born smoothly.

Here also involves a prenatal preparation, that is, before birth, pregnant mothers must choose the appropriate production hospital. The first thing that needs to be ensured is that the hospital should be regular, so that pregnant mothers can safely give themselves and their babies to the doctors here, and they don’t have to worry about their own health problems at birth.

After doing this, the pregnant mother will relax after entering the delivery room, cooperate with the doctor fully, and follow the doctor's instructions. Under normal circumstances, the production process will be very smooth.

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