Saturday, July 4, 2020

Why does fetal movement move from left to right? This turned out to be the case!

What is normal fetal movement?

Fetal movement is about 4 times in 1 hour, and more than 30 times in 12 hours. Fetal movement must be regular, rhythmic, and not much changed, so that it can become normal fetal movement.

Why do you say that the left side moves frequently is a boy? The girl on the right?

This is what some people say based on their own experience of having children. There is no scientific basis for this. It gives everyone a reasonable explanation for the frequent fetal movements of the baby.

Xiaobian will tell you today, why is there such a fetal movement?

When is there fetal movement?

In fact, fetal movement occurs when the baby is five months old. At that time, the baby does not have such great strength, or the baby is lazy and does not want to move. It needs to be carefully felt by the pregnant mother.

Sometimes the fetal movement is on the left; sometimes it is on the right. What is the situation?

Mainly because the fetus is in a different position. When the fetus is not in the basin, most of the positions are three-dimensional, and then the position of the baby’s hands and feet. The fetal movement is because the baby’s hands and feet are moving, that is, the position of the fetus. , Decide how powerful the fetal movement is.

Pregnant mothers pay attention when sleeping at night. When sleeping, pregnant mothers do not have to maintain the left side position. If the left side fetal movement is more frequent, pregnant mothers should use the right side position to prevent oppression of the baby during sleep.

How does fetal movement feel?

After five months, the pregnant mother's feeling of fetal movement will gradually increase, and the fetal movement will gradually become more obvious. In the third trimester, you will see the baby's small feet across your belly, sometimes , You can clearly see the imprint of the baby's foot.

What trouble does the fetal movement cause to the pregnant mother?

Speaking of pregnant women who have a lot of fetal movements, they love and hate. During the second trimester, the fetal movements are there. The fetal movements are not very frequent at the beginning, and it is not obvious. Fetal baby is like doing a right to the pregnant mother. When the pregnant mother sleeps, he starts to play. When the pregnant mother wakes up, he starts to sleep, so that the pregnant mother can not sleep well in the third trimester.

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