Monday, July 20, 2020

Why do women tremble after orgasm

There are many female friends who have performed well in their male sex life, and the phenomenon of orgasm is often very common, but most women will experience tremors when they do not have an orgasm. Why do women have an orgasm? When the tremor appears unstoppable, we must pay attention to it!

Why do women tremble more than their orgasm

What is orgasm

Orgasm is the most common sexual reaction in sex. In this reaction, women will have many physiological reactions, such as nipple erection, yin pedicle erection, and body trembling. Such sexual reactions make women enjoy the sexual pleasure zone. Give them a pleasant feeling, then, why are there so many sensitive collateral effects after orgasm, and why are they so sensitive? Today, the editor will take you to answer your questions.

After the climax, the sensitivity of yin pedicles is very common. The same is true of men’s glans. They are in a highly sensitive state after ejaculation and dare not touch them at all. , The man had to hug the woman tightly, so that the other party had no room for activity. So we do know the sensitivity of male and female genital heads during intercourse, so we give a plausible explanation from the perspective of answering doubts and training.

One of the physiological responses of the body of both sexes in the process of arousal is blood vessel dilation, especially the increase in blood flow to the genitals leads to hyperemia and swelling of the penis and yin pedicle. The swelling itself can make the penis and yin pedicle become stimulated. sensitive. In addition to the physiological changes in the genitals, the mental and emotional changes that occur in the brain (extraordinary excitement) will in turn increase the attention of both men and women to the penis and yin pedicle. After orgasm, if you stimulate the glans or yin pedicle again, it will bring discomfort, even pain and numbness, so it is understandable to avoid or avoid further stimulation consciously. The hypersensitivity of the yin pedicle will be maintained for a period of time after the orgasm, and then slowly relieved as the swelling gradually subsides. Generally, it will take a few minutes or longer. The moment when a woman's orgasm has just passed can be a little trance. Although the sexiness has spread out, but the body feels that the consciousness is still in high spirits, it will pay great attention to its own feelings.

Some women say that their breasts also become very sensitive to touch after orgasm. Some women don't mind giving further stimulation to the super sensitive yin pedicles and nipples after the first orgasm in order to experience multiple orgasms. It seems that the difference between women's sensitivity and preference is really big. Very few women's yin pedicles are too sensitive. Even the slightest friction in the clothes makes them sorrowful. I am afraid they need the help of a doctor.

There are three types of vaginal cramps in the private parts:

(1) Those who have had successful coitus and have spasms later are called secondary vaginismus;

(2) Spasms due to changes in the copulation environment are called situational vaginal spasms, which is relatively rare.

(3) If cramps occur after the first intercourse, it is called primary vaginismus;

Analyzing the causes of vaginismus, most of them are the following aspects:

a. Family education is too strict and negative on sexual aspects;

b. Suggestive inferiority and self-guilt;

c. emotional anxiety, boredom, depression, fear;

d. The trauma of the young mind;

e. Pain during the first intercourse, induce and form conditioned reflex;

f. Improper friendship operation techniques, etc.

In fact, when female friends reach orgasm, their bodies are relatively sensitive. At this time, the stimulation often leads to constant tremors in the bodies of female friends. In fact, at this time, there is also a feeling of conquering for men. In the process of sex, we must avoid the misunderstanding of going to sex!

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