Saturday, July 4, 2020

Why do some women lose weight after giving birth, while others become fat

The same is for giving birth to children, why some lose weight after birth and some become fat, the answer is here. The editor thinks it is mainly related to these three reasons.

Moms who insist on breastfeeding lose weight faster

If the mother can insist on breastfeeding after giving birth, it is easy to lose weight. Because the process of breastfeeding is the process of consuming calories, and the good food that breastfeeding mother eats becomes milk, and eats into the belly of the child. If the child has a good appetite, it is estimated that the mother produces enough milk every day. I grow fat myself.

Whether confinement is comfortable

I met a treasure mother. While confinement, her husband was away on business, and her mother was not able to take care of her because of physical reasons. Only her mother-in-law was beside her, but her mother-in-law did not pay much attention to her. When cooking, many things have to come by herself, and her mother-in-law sometimes gives her a breath, and she sits down and loses twenty pounds throughout the month. When going out, others doubt whether she has had children.

When I was confinement, I was not taken care of, I was in a bad mood, and I had no appetite for eating. It was easy to lose weight. But confinement is very important for Bao Ma. Bao Ma must find someone she trusts to take care of herself, try to maintain good emotions, and make her confinement confine.

Does anyone help bring children

The stage when the child was born was really the most tormenting time. If no one was helping to take care of the child, the mother would be alone all day long, sleeping, feeding, changing diapers, having no time to eat, rest, and tired and unconsciously thin Down. And if someone helps bring the child, Baoma will be more relaxed, and the heart-width body will be fatter.

Whether to exercise reasonably

Some treasure mothers pay great attention to the recovery of their body. After giving birth, they will exercise according to their own physical conditions, and it is easy to lose weight with reasonable diet and scientific exercise.

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