Friday, July 10, 2020

Why do men like women coquettish

Why do men like women? The big reason is that the difference in physiological structure stems from the attractiveness of women to men, whether it is human instinct, or assimilation by society, or both. Different men like women differently.

1. Why do men like women

In the ancient times, when the emotional needs of human beings did not develop as high as they are now, the relationship between men and women bears more the role of inheriting blood and prosperity. This is a cooperative relationship with a clear division of labor and has nothing to do with love.

The "love" in the so-called "love" is when the material life is relatively stable, and when the survival crisis is resolved, it becomes the reason and attraction for men and women to live together to raise children.

Why do men like conservative women

Men like women. In fact, they don’t like all women, but young and beautiful women with good temperament and wisdom. Because beautiful people and things are desirable, but most men have a physical desire for women, so It seems to like women, and some men have a physical desire for men, so they like to look like men.

Some people ask, why do men like conservative women? In one sentence, men like other women to be open, but they want their women to be conservative. So, as long as it is conservative enough, can the man he likes like himself? Absolutely not. If your conservatism can be a little more coquettish, it will definitely double the effect.

Second, why do men like women to be coquettish

1. Manliness

Men subconsciously feel that women need protection. Although too strong women can provoke men's sense of conquest, they do not stimulate men's desire to protect. Coquettish women have a soft attitude, which can make men feel different from their own masculinity and arouse their desire for protection. They will feel that such women are more suitable for themselves and make them feel stronger.

2. Will satisfy men's vanity

In fact, a clever woman is a "man" when she is alone. Anyone can act coquettishly, but not to anyone. Women's coquetry with men also depends on the object, which means that in this woman's mind, she can rely on. Especially masculine men, the most can not stand the coquettishness of women. Why do men like women to be coquettish? Because often can satisfy men's vanity. Once a woman is coquettish, a few good words and a few actions can soften his attitude, because it makes him feel that he is needed and his heart is satisfied.

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