Friday, July 10, 2020

Why do men in love like kissing

Why do men and women like to kiss? In addition to exchanging feelings, kissing between lovers also conveys a lot of information, and can cause various hormone levels related to a happy mood.

1. Why do men in love particularly like kissing

There are many studies on why men like to kiss, and there is even a specialized knowledge-"kissing". People who study this knowledge believe that when kissing, the two parties exchange a variety of hormones and pheromones. The deep kiss between the couple is actually through contact with each other's chemical information to determine whether each other's body is "chemically compatible." And 66% of women and 59% of men think that if two people feel bad when they kiss for the first time, it is definitely possible to break up.

Why do men and women like to kiss? When kissing, the chemical hormones in the body change, and the stress-related hormone cortisol level decreases; the intimacy enhancing hormone oxytocin secretion level rises; kissing also causes the brain to secrete endorphins, which can It makes people feel euphoric, and some people even accurately calculated that a sweet kiss is equivalent to eating 25 grams of chocolate.

When kissing, men prefer a "wet kiss" with their mouth wide open. In this way, they instinctively pass the male hormones in their saliva to the woman in order to evoke her desire.

Why do men like kissing, also because it has the effect of testing the emotions of both sides. Before and after kissing, the couple will generally look at each other with emotion for a short distance, and if one of them feels uncomfortable with their relationship, he cannot stare at each other naturally, but involuntarily looks away or fights. Cut off the other person's gaze.

Moreover, the small movements of the two during kissing are actually an unconscious conversation. Whose oral movements are stronger, who open their mouths less reluctantly, and who just open their mouths do not move, which shows that they are in this relationship a feeling of.

In addition, the skin of the lips is the thinnest in the whole body, and the surface is covered with nerve endings, which is rich in sensibility. Moreover, during the kissing process, not only the sense of taste, which is rarely used, but also the other party's odor is stronger than usual. By tasting each other's unique taste and the smell of different people, the impression that this person has in your mind will be extraordinary and profound. These are the reasons why men in love particularly like kissing.

Of course, kissing also requires skills and practice, and many couples at first feel that kissing is boring, but as the relationship deepens, they can't stop kissing.

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