Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Why do fetal babies move so much at night?

Many pregnant mothers should feel this way. It’s time to go to sleep at night. The baby is moving happily in the stomach. "Dong Dongdong" is like playing a drum. Noisy people can't sleep well.

Why do fetal babies move so much at night?

Incorrect sleeping position

I have personally experienced it. When I was pregnant in July, I couldn’t sleep at night. I had obsessive-compulsive disorder. I couldn’t move a little while sleeping. Once there was movement, I couldn’t sleep, but it was in my stomach. The baby does not understand the style, and will always toss until 12 o'clock to stop.

When I can’t sleep, I will toss and turn on the bed to adjust my sleeping position. I like to lie down. Whenever I want to lie down for a rest, the baby will move harder, making me have to lie on my side. Knowing that lying down is bad for a baby, but I just want to take a break. The baby does not even give this face. It can be seen that the sleeping position is incorrect, and the fetal baby will move more powerfully, because the supine position will press the inferior vena cava, resulting in reduced blood supply to the placenta, and the fetal baby will be hypoxic, so the left side of the third trimester is best. Fetal babies will be quieter and faster.

The baby is hungry

Sometimes the pregnant mother sleeps late, but the dinner is eaten early, because the pregnant mother eats one meal for two people, and the natural consumption is fast, so when it is time to sleep, the baby will be hungry, so you may wish to adjust the dinner Time, four meals a day, one meal at five o'clock in the afternoon and another meal at eight o'clock in the evening, this may be better. Or at night when the baby is moving very hard, eat some cookies and drink a glass of milk, so that the baby will be quieter and faster.

So, besides fetal movement at night, when does fetal movement move?

In addition to the strong fetal movement at night, pregnant mothers will also find that when they want to sleep lazy in the morning, the fetal baby is unwilling. In the morning, "Dong Dong Dong" began to call the door, forcing himself to have to get up, there are many images of pregnant mothers Compare this to the baby who is calling herself to get up and eat.

In fact, the reason why the baby has the above two kinds of fetal movements is mainly because he has two active peak periods.

Once at 7-9 am

Once from 11pm to 1am

At night, when the baby has a strong fetal movement, it can be relieved according to the methods mentioned above and help fall asleep. If it’s a strong fetal movement in the morning, the pregnant mother won’t be forced to go to bed, or accompany the baby to get up to breathe fresh air, have a breakfast, listen to music, take a walk. In fact, this morning is also a prime time for prenatal education. May wish to talk more with the baby, and put some light music, which is conducive to the development of the baby.

If you haven’t slept enough, it’s not too late to wait for noon.

Except for these two active peak periods, fetal movement is relatively small at other times, especially around five or six in the morning. If there are no abnormal fetal movements, it means that the baby may be developing very healthy.

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