Thursday, July 2, 2020

Why did the mother who gave birth to the baby start to be silly and forgetful?

For Bao Ma who has just given birth to a child, she has such a feeling. After giving birth, how can she become very forgetful and often stupid? In fact, the answer to this question is still very easy to explain. The reason why Bao Ma is like this is that it is mostly related to the child just after the child is born and he is busy looking after the child.

Baoma often takes care of her children, and when she encounters noisy children, it will look harder, and it is likely that she will not rest well, so that the mothers are forgetful and stupid. These performances are well explained.

For the treasure moms, if you do not want to make yourself stupid after giving birth, then try to do these points, which will be very helpful. Those treasure moms who often make silliness and forgetfulness are mostly because they have failed to do so.

Try not to let the child be everything to you

This is simple to say, but it is not easy for the treasure moms to do it. After all, in the face of a newly born little life, mothers will do their best to pamper and wait, involuntarily will ignore themselves, but take everything related to children as their top priority.

It is recommended that mothers, after the child is born, try to let Bao Dad and other family members also participate in the child care team. Rather than having to do things yourself with children, doing this will only make you more tired, and sometimes it will not help. Instead, let other family members participate in the childcare team. The family will witness the growth of the child together, and they will not be too tired for each other, and the family relationship will be more harmonious.

Record some important things

For the treasure moms, sometimes being busy will indeed forget some very important things, and sometimes it will inevitably delay things. In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended that mothers can write a memo in advance, or set an alarm clock on their mobile phones to remind themselves in time and so on. In short, record some important things, this is also very helpful to prevent the treasure moms from being stupid.

For the treasure moms, realize that they have just given birth to a child, there will indeed be a situation where the brain is not enough. Only when we face this fact squarely, and then think of ways to avoid it, can we help solve the problem very well.

Learn to return to life before giving birth

For treasure moms, be aware that children are only part of themselves, not all of their lives. After giving birth to a child, let's not focus on anything and concentrate on the child. On the contrary, for Bao Ma, some time after the child is born, it is necessary to learn to return to the life before the child was born.

If the conditions are right, it is best to choose to return to the workplace, and the circle of friends before giving birth should also slowly learn to return. In short, try to make your life more colorful, rather than surrounding the child 24 hours a day.

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