Thursday, July 2, 2020

Why are there more children with leukemia?

A lot of clinical practice and research results show that leukemia is the result of the joint action of internal susceptibility genes and external environmental factors. Among the external environmental factors include: radiation, heavy metal pollution, certain chemicals, viruses, etc. Among them, benzene and its derivatives are the chemical substances most closely related to the incidence of leukemia. In recent years, more and more children with leukemia are due to external environmental factors, especially the following three kinds of things. Parents can buy it for children if they don’t want to be greedy or children like it:

1. Inferior stationery

The stationery beside the school can be described as a variety of stationery, colorful! However, there are many toxic stationery. For example, some scented erasers, ballpoint pens, correction fluids, etc. The scent in these stationery actually contains benzene. Benzene is an industrial solvent that is sweet at room temperature and carcinogenic. Originally not used in stationery, but some black-hearted manufacturers will add it in order to add fragrance to the rubber or to make the oil-filled refill of the ballpoint pen not smudged and write more smoothly.

In addition to these, there are also pencils. Most pencil bars are painted with a layer of paint, which contains lead. Moreover, wood may also use toxic substances containing heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic during the treatment process. Therefore, parents must keep an eye on the children, and do not let the children bite the pen.

Therefore, when buying stationery for children, parents must choose regular stationery with a brand from the manufacturer. Do not buy stationery with a strong fragrance. At the same time, they must correct some bad habits of children, such as nibbling nails, pen bites, and before meals. Do not wash your hands and so on.

2. Inferior tissues

Many families like to buy some toilet papers without formal logos in order to make it cheaper, and some even buy a large package. The materials for these inferior toilet papers are garbage papers recovered from various places, including not only discarded books and newspapers, but also recovered medicine packaging boxes. Not only that, but some production processes are also very dirty. In order to make consumers prefer to use their own paper, many toilet paper manufacturers will add a lot of optical brighteners to it, and it is very likely to be the culprit of children suffering from leukemia. Because a lot of harmful substances such as bleach and fluorescent agents will not only cause vision loss and lead to mental impairment of children, but also may induce cancer and accelerate the proliferation of cancer cells in the human body.

Therefore, when buying tissues, adults should remember to smell and take a look. Some of them have peculiar smells, large holes, and impurities on the paper surface, especially if they shake off, they will lose powder. buy. Remember to go to regular supermarkets and shopping malls to buy well-known brands. When you buy, you should see the production date, shelf life, raw materials, etc.

3. Pollution left over from home improvement

Many families can’t wait to live in their new houses shortly after renovation, but the new houses are also harmful, especially for families with children, if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it is very serious for children. Therefore, in the decoration process, try to choose environmentally friendly paint, and check the specific content of formaldehyde before moving in. You can put some green plants in the empty house, such as monstera, aloe, etc., to help air purification.

Leukemia is far away from us but also very close, especially the gradual rise in recent years. Parents must pay attention to the details of life and health and safety, and cultivate a good habit for children, especially pay attention not to buy some unqualified products for greed, after all, the health of family members is more important.

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