Saturday, July 4, 2020

Who says the baby can't eat snacks? Eat nutritious and healthy like this!

Snacks are something that every baby will like, even sometimes adults will also like it. However, considering the baby's developmental issues, the baby should not be allowed to eat too many snacks. However, in fact, if the snack mix is ​​good, it can also provide good nutrition for the baby.

Many mothers do not know that the World Health Organization had such a suggestion: children after the age of one, do not necessarily have to follow the three meals a day. Every child's body has its own digestion time. Three meals a day is not necessarily the time children want to eat. Therefore, if the child does not want to eat, if the disease is ruled out, it is because the child is not hungry yet, and it is not necessarily related to whether or not to eat snacks.

Normally, children can eat 3-4 meals a day. During this period, you can give your child 1-2 snacks. But the premise of eating snacks is the right amount, not too much. This can ensure that the child has enough energy to maintain consumption, and can also ensure that the child can continue the energy supply in the body.

So, what is the best way to provide baby snacks?

1. Open the time interval between eating and snacking

Parents do not want their children to eat snacks. One is because they worry that the snack will affect their growth and development, and the other is that they will not eat when they eat snacks. But every child has a longing for snacking, and blindly blocking will only make the child more curious. Rather than this, it is better to open the time for children to eat snacks and dinner. And tell the children that snacks can be eaten, but in moderation. In this way, children can treat snacking more correctly.

2. Eat snacks scientifically

Eating snacks should actually supplement your consumption before the next main meal. Adults will be hungry after eating, so are children. Therefore, according to different situations, let children eat snacks scientifically. For example, when a child does not eat a good dinner, he can give the child carbohydrates such as yogurt, cheese, fruit, and pasta. It should be noted that these are suitable for children over three years old. Younger ones need to supplement energy with some muddy or pasty food.

So, what kind of snack mix is ​​the healthiest and most suitable for children?

For children over three years old, you can use one yogurt as the main ingredient, and then mix it with some fruits, cereals, cereals; and when you use bread as the main ingredient, you can mix it with cheese and seaweed; if it is based on milk, then It can be paired with fruits, vegetables, or directly made into a smoothie.

Every child, more or less, will like to eat snacks. Parents' blind opposition will only increase children's curiosity. On the contrary, it is good to give the child some healthy snacks at the right time and in the right amount. In addition to scientifically eating snacks, giving your baby some healthy snacks is actually not too harmful.

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