Thursday, July 2, 2020

When is taking a pregnant woman's picture less harmful to the fetus? The best time is only this month

Pregnancy is a big event in a lifetime. Many mothers always think about how to leave such a beautiful memory when they are pregnant. Although the current smartphone has developed very mature, but in terms of camera function Professional cameras are still much better than their own equipment. Not only that, the photos taken by those who study photography professionally are not comparable to ordinary people who pick up the camera.

Some treasure mothers may only have one baby in their lifetime, so this kind of moment will be even more rare, so the demand for pregnancy photos will be derived, and if there is demand, there will be a corresponding market, so some businesses will now The album of pregnancy photos is released. These "experts" who specialize in pregnancy photos are indeed very different from the photos taken by ordinary people. So as a treasure mother, you know when the best time to take pregnancy photos is ?

In fact, when taking pregnancy photos, it is too early to get pregnant. The maternal brilliance is not so strong, and the effect of pregnancy photos will not be so good, but if the pregnancy is too obvious, the effect will not be As expected.

Under normal circumstances, the pregnancy period is 36 weeks. From the point of view of helping my mother, the best time to take a pregnancy photo is from 26 weeks to 30 weeks, because at this time, the pregnant belly of the treasure mothers is more obvious, and in this During the period, the mental state of the treasure mothers was relatively good. There are many other reasons for taking pregnancy photos during this period. Next, help your mother to take stock of the benefits of taking pregnancy photos during this period.

1. Baoma's condition is better

Pregnancy mothers are very hard. They not only need to provide the nutrition they need, but also ensure that their babies get a good development in their stomachs. The bigger, so the pressure on the mother will increase when the pregnant belly gets bigger in the later period. Not only that, the organs of Baoma’s body will also be squeezed by the child, and a lot of displacement will occur. That’s why the newly-produced Bao Ma needs to wrap her body with gauze, that is, to get her organs to recover as quickly as possible. During the period from 26 weeks to 30 weeks, the pregnant mothers of Bao Ma are not particularly big. It is not the maximum time, so it is a good choice to take pregnancy photos during this time period.

2. Bao Ma's pregnant belly can take the best results.

The above reason is not to say that Baoma’s pregnant belly is as small as possible, because if the pregnant belly is too small, the photos may not feel pregnant, but in the period of 26 to 30 weeks, the pregnant belly has been more fully Development, so you can maximize the radiance of motherhood when shooting.

Next, help Mom to provide you with a few Tips when taking pictures:

1. Photographing pregnant belly close-up

Because during the period from 26 to 30 weeks, Bao Ma’s stomach has swelled up, so some close-ups have a taste of pregnancy, which also shows the hard work of Bao Ma during pregnancy. Many pregnant photos, generally everyone will choose this angle of close-up of the belly.

2. Let the baby's dad enter the mirror together

When a family stands together, it always gives people a sense of down-to-earth and happiness, and this advantage can also be used when taking pregnant photos, that is, let the father of the baby enter the mirror together, such a family will also let the future Babies see their parents' deep love for themselves.

Pregnancy is a very hard thing, and the development of technology has given us the opportunity to retain memories, so we should make good use of these opportunities to leave the most precious wealth in our romantic and happy moments in our lives, and memories are priceless.

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