Wednesday, July 1, 2020

When is it appropriate for the baby to wear underwear? The doctor recommends not later than this time

The doctor recommends that the time to wear underwear for the baby should not be later than 2 years old, in addition, parents should also according to the actual situation of the baby, basically when the baby does not wear diapers, it is necessary to start wearing small underwear, and the baby girl Because of the characteristics of the body structure, the underwear should be worn earlier than the baby boy, otherwise bacterial infections are more likely to occur, and parents should also be aware of this.

When it's time to wear panties, parents don't wear babies. The harm in these areas is great.

Baby's safety is not guaranteed

After the baby can walk, the curiosity of all aspects is very heavy. It can be said that they are not willing to idle for a moment. Some naughty babies may be injured by some dangerous items, and wearing small underwear will Give your baby more safety, and parents can be more at ease when playing.

In addition, the baby does not wear underwear, the private parts are always exposed to the outside, and it is more likely to be targeted by some psychopaths. This will also seriously threaten the baby's safety, and may even cause greater damage to the baby.

Private parts are easily infected by bacteria

Babies do not wear underwear when they are at the age to wear underwear, and the hygiene of their private parts is not guaranteed. Especially when the weather is hot, the baby's private parts are also more likely to be infected by bacteria. If the parents do not clean the baby in time, the situation will be worse after a long time. Teacher Gu Yu suggested that in order to make the baby safer, parents must take a snack. Don’t always think about the inconvenience of wearing underwear, and know that the harm of not wearing is also greater.

Not good for the baby to develop a good habit of going to the toilet

It’s too late for the parents to wear small underwear for the baby, maybe the baby is too big and still urinate pants, or they are urinating everywhere Scolded by children, the cousin's family is also very worried about this.

In order to let the baby develop a good habit of going to the toilet as soon as possible, parents should not wear small underwear for the baby later than the time recommended by the doctor. As a parent, for the sake of the safety and health of your baby, you can rest assured of this matter.

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