Thursday, July 9, 2020

What's wrong with coldness? 3 ways to tell you how to deal with coldness

What's wrong with coldness? Sexual indifference is a psychological reaction that has little desire for sexual life. Sexual indifference can affect couples' feelings to a certain extent. So how to solve the coldness? What to do if sex is cold The following editor will tell you.

1. What's wrong with sex

Cold sexual desire is subconscious, and it cannot respond normally to enough sexual stimuli. In addition to the couple's emotional breakdown resulting in apathy, the main reason is lack of understanding of normal sex life, lack of sexual knowledge or physical illness.

Second, how to solve the coldness

Aside from the causes of physical diseases, there are very few people who really have no sexual desire. Most of the cold people are resistant and averse to sex due to psychological factors, and finally show resistance to sexual behavior or poor quality of sex.

In the long-term consultation, I attributed the psychological factors of coldness to the following levels:

1. Novice level

What to do if sex is cold The novice level is insufficient understanding of sex and insufficient investment; affected by traditional ideas, not active in sex, feeling ashamed, dirty, etc.

Although this kind of cold sex group is in the novice stage, but the body and mind are suffering:

I am in a "novice village", the relationship between the two parties is not bad, the other is good, but I am not talking about the sex, and at this time the partner has a strong desire to be resolved, satisfy him, you can’t accept it, not satisfied. You also feel guilty disappointing your partner's love for yourself, and worrying about whether the relationship will break because of this problem.

The discordant sex life, between these hesitant choices, may be acceptable at the beginning, but as time goes on, this contradiction will become bigger and bigger, become unacceptable, and finally the relationship breaks down.

Therefore, such a cold person must solve the problem as soon as possible.

Read more books about sexual knowledge, consult doctors or psychological counselors, correct sexual cognition, improve sexual desire, and improve sex skills, so that both parties can really enjoy sex.

2. Difficulty level

There are cleanliness, disgust and psychological resistance to sex; fear of sex and serious psychological shadows.

The emergence of sexual cleansing disorder comes from personal childhood experience or major changes/events. When the inducement appears, it will show disgust and resistance to emotions. Under repeated stimulation, the strengthening of emotions will deepen and become a symptom.

Three feet of ice is not a cold day. Such incidents have been around for a long time. To solve this problem, we must gradually learn about the corresponding childhood experience or major changes/incidents, and then give a reasonable explanation and sense of security that can be accepted by them, and then use the system desensitization method to go. Slowly eliminate the fear of "incentives", and finally regularly maintain the consolidation effect.

3. Purgatory level

The partner is derailed (refers to the partner who is sexually indifferent to you because of the derailment).

Although the source of the problem is very clear, it is the most difficult to deal with.

The first two levels are premised on a certain good relationship, but this is not the case.

Derailment means the transfer of infatuation and passion. Since there is no more infatuation and passion for you, then naturally there will not be a strong sexual impulse to you, and coldness is an inevitable result.

The problem to be solved before solving this problem is whether to recover the derailed object. If it is recovered, the action will be taken, and if it is not recovered, it will be broken up directly.

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