Thursday, July 9, 2020

What to do in case of asexual marriage

Asexual marriage refers to marriage without sexual life. Sociologists say that if there is no physical illness or accident between husband and wife, but there is no tacit sexual life for more than a month, it is asexual marriage. Sex is one of the ways to promote the warming up of couples, so what if we have a sexless marriage?

1. What to do with asexual marriage?

1. Talk about sex with your partner

Talk about performance and sexual satisfaction on both sides. By talking about each other’s views and preferences on sex, we can understand what each other’s sexual preferences and unacceptable parts are; on the other hand, perhaps in the conversation about sex, the reasons for previous asexual marriages (such as partners) There may be doubts about enjoyment), communication is the basis for facing problems together.

Second, sexual communication will make the partner more intimate. When talking about sex, people feel vulnerable and become sensitive to each other's reactions and evaluations. But the fragility caused by this mutual exposure makes us closer to each other. In a close relationship of mutual trust, vulnerability is an important part. 

2. Planning husband and wife life

We plan when we go to work, when we go to the hospital, when we eat and go shopping, and when we have sex. It may not sound romantic enough, but if you want to make time in a busy life, planning ahead is an effective method. When the two discuss and plan the sex, plan the details in as much detail as possible, not only when and where the sexual activity occurs, but also what specific posture or new gameplay you want to try in this sexual behavior.

3. Thinking about possible obstacles in the relationship

Lack of sex may be an extreme manifestation of problems in the relationship. If one party refuses to have sex many times, think about whether there are some unresolved grievances in the relationship. Face these problems in a relational rather than sexual way.

4. Don't wait for your partner to take the initiative to solve the problem

Don’t assume that your partner doesn’t want to be with you, maybe the other person needs it as much as you, just because of various concerns and not expressing it. The stalemate does not help to improve the relationship. You may take the initiative to put the problem on the table and let the partner understand that you sincerely hope to solve the lack of sex problem with TA.

Second, how to treat asexual marriage

1. Seek professional help from a marriage counselor or sex counseling therapist as soon as possible

If you have not enjoyed the life of a husband and wife for several months, you may consider seeking counseling. Try to face and solve the problem as soon as possible, without delay, because the longer the delay, the frustration and betrayal of rejection will become more and more serious, but it will hinder you from trying to solve the problem. Studies have shown that the longer couples remain in asexual marriages, the more they tend to maintain this pattern.

2. Sometimes, asexual marriage can actually lead a happy life

Asexual marriage does not mean that this marriage must be unhealthy. Experts believe that if both parties are satisfied with the frequency of sex in an asexual marriage and can accept that there is no sexual intimacy in this relationship, of course the current frequency of sex can be continued.

The problem with asexual marriage is not the lack of sex, but the inconsistency between the two. But this requires open communication between the two parties to ensure that both parties can really accept asexual marriage. There are some follow-up communications that are necessary, such as whether you are asexual marriage or open relationship? This is a problem that needs to be clearly stipulated.

Last but not least, the best way to resolve asexual marriage is not to think, but to do it. In the process of doing so, you find the feeling of loss, and communicate the emotions that are usually not easy to communicate. Many partners say that they have changed the way of asexual marriage, just to do it. Whether you are a man or a woman, as long as you are an adult, even if you are no longer young, go explore and enjoy your body with the person you love. Not only should this incident make people feel ashamed, but one of the most dignified and glorious things.

Frankly speaking, marriage itself has no effect on sex, but the quality of the husband and wife relationship affects sex. After marriage, the deepening of the relationship between husband and wife can make sex alive. Marriage should not be the end of love life but a gas station.

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