Thursday, July 9, 2020

What to do if you have no sexual desire? How do men increase libido

There are many reasons for the decline of male sexual desire, such as reduced testosterone levels in the body, overwork, excessive masturbation, psychological factors, etc. What about male low sexual desire or even no sexual desire? Today's editor will share with you ways to enhance sexual desire, look at men How to increase sexual desire.

1. How does a man increase sexual desire?

1. Appropriate abstinence:

When first married, the sexual desire of both husband and wife will be relatively strong. At this time, do not blindly indulge, proper temperance and regular life will greatly help maintain the healthy development of sexual ability. For those who excessively pursue the frequency of sex, the quality of sex will be greatly reduced, and the rate of loss of sexual desire will also be accelerated.

2. Alternating cold and hot water bath:

This is a very old exercise method to enhance men's sexual function, summer exercise is the best. After taking a bath with warm water, lower the temperature of the water and let the genitals cool for 3 minutes. After the penis and scrotum contract, adjust the temperature of the water back to the normal state and rinse, repeat 3 times. This can help men reduce sexual fatigue.

3. Abandon bad habits:

Smoking, drinking, and staying up late are all fatal killers of sexual ability. To maintain sexual desire, it is very important to abandon these bad habits.

4. Focus on heart health:

"Strong essence must strengthen the heart first", sexual ability is closely related to heart function, if there are cardiovascular problems, you should seek medical treatment in time to avoid suffering sexual function.

5. Wear cotton underwear:

The choice of underwear is very important for the health of men. The testicles need a low-temperature and ventilated environment. Therefore, choosing cotton underwear with better breathability can help men protect their sexual organs and reduce the damage to reproductive ability.

Second, the way to enhance sexual desire

1. Walking in the afternoon

Studies have found that the healthier you are, the stronger your sexual desire. There is a direct relationship between health and sexual satisfaction: the less exercise, the weaker the libido, and the less satisfied with sex.

2. Enjoy a massage

Intimate massage not only relieves stress, but skin-to-skin contact can also stimulate the release of the sex hormone oxytocin. The more this hormone is released, the stronger his sexual desire will be.

3. Sexy reading

What to do if you have no sexual desire? Skip the evening news and look at the books that make you think together. Sex literature can burn your sexual desire immediately, and it can't be cleaned up.

4. Complete relaxation

A few minutes of contemplation will immediately arouse your sexual desire. The survey found that focused meditation can directly change the information processing process of the brain, making people's sexual desire more intense.

5. Supplemental nutrition

Feeling exhausted and having no sexual desire? It may be due to diet. Studies have found that low levels of folic acid in the body can make people feel tired and have no energy to consider sex. And if there is iron deficiency, neurotransmitters in the brain will fail, causing drowsiness. Expert advice: daily multivitamin supplementation: 18 mg of iron and 400 mcg of folic acid.

6. Sweating

For some people, exercise before going to bed will make them unable to fall asleep. In fact, it is precisely because of exercise that the blood circulation in the body is smooth and the nervous system is also very active, so the sex at this time will be very quality.

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