Thursday, July 9, 2020

What to do if you don't feel sex

The orgasm between men and women has a period of time. If it is not handled well, it is easy to affect the harmony of life. This is also the reason why many sex life does not feel. Then, what should be done between men and women lovers and couples, will there be more beautiful love feelings What?

1. Sex life doesn't feel like? Girls love these 3 sex positions most!

1. Male

Male supremacy, that is, the posture of the man on the woman, is called the most natural and suitable sexual position by Western Christians. The male posture is mainly as follows: the woman lies on her back, her legs are wrapped around the man's back, shoulders or hips, and the man's neck is surrounded by both hands until the man enters; Embrace the female head directly. In the nightlife of couples, the male position is more natural for women. It can make the penis enter the vagina more freely and reduce the frictional damage caused by the wrong position; this position is conducive to males hugging, stroking, watching, kissing women The body allows the woman to enter the state better and reach the orgasm of nightlife faster.

2. Female High

The female supremacy, that is, the posture where the woman sits on top of the man, is also known as "riding horse", and is the sexual position most women love. The female posture is mainly manifested as: the man lying on his back, grasping the female breast with both hands and gently touching; and the woman opens her legs, sits on the man, leans forward, and freely controls the depth of penis entry. The position of the female superior is controlled by the female party, which is more conducive to controlling the rhythm of the couple's nightlife, and can achieve orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. And this posture helps the man to touch the woman's breasts, enhance the woman's sex experience, and will not oppress the woman's petite body.

3. Hugging in the air

In the nightlife of couples, the hug in the air is the most beneficial sexual position to enhance the foreplay experience. The action in this position is: the man stands up, hands clasp the woman's back, the woman's legs clamp the man's waist, and his hands wrap around the man's neck. The cuddling in the air makes the men and women intimate, which is conducive to kissing and touching each other, creating a romantic sex atmosphere and enabling women to enter the climax of sex more quickly. However, this pose may make the man a little tired.

2. Lack of feeling of love? Have you chosen the right time?

1. Morning 6:00~8:00

In fact, it is a good time, because boys have strong desires in the morning, and men tend to have that kind of dream at night, and they will be more eager after waking up. For girls, the situation is similar to that of boys, and when they wake up, they are full of energy and are expected to enjoy high-quality ML time. (But you should also consider the actual situation, such as can not affect other work and the like)

2. 13:00~15:00

The boys in this period are very active. The boys are often in the "unable to get restless", they are no longer restless. Girls at this time can basically close the beat with boys. At this time, they are very willing to be close to their lover. It can be said that it is a perfect time.

3. 8:00~10:00 in the evening

The boy’s desire at this moment may not be as strong as in the morning, but they are happy to do it, because after all it is evening, it is really their own private time. The desire of the girl at this moment will not be as strong (except that there are no exceptions ), but if the boys are properly teased and hinted, there will be an impulse, and generally they will have time at night, and they will cooperate very well. In fact, they don’t have such a big feeling of love.

There are also some points to note. Morning and evening are generally working hours. At the same time, the desire of boys and girls during this period is basically the lowest valley. For now, let’s leave that thing behind.

Finally, the advice to everyone is: sexual intercourse postures are varied, and sexual postures only help increase the fun of the couple's sex life. When the couple lacks the feeling of making love, from time to time add some new elements to continue sex is an element of reconciling the couple's feelings. In addition, spiritual communication is the most important. Only when two people communicate more can they find the posture and skills that are most suitable for them.

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