Thursday, July 9, 2020

What to do if sex life is not harmonious

The importance of a harmonious sexual relationship for a marriage is self-evident, but it is not an easy task to obtain a spiritual and physical unity of sex. There are always various problems that plague us. Today I will take you through the knowledge of both sexes and see what to do if the sex life is not harmonious.

1. What to do if sex life is not harmonious?

1. Face the problem squarely and find the cause of disharmony

Since they are husband and wife, both men and women should talk freely when facing this problem, and say what they think, think, and worry. Positive communication can solve the problem. Both husband and wife can learn together and grow together to benefit together and be more harmonious.

2. Extending the foreplay or massage can avoid distraction on the bed

Maybe when you are intimate, she suddenly panicked, maybe thinking that the kitchen tableware has not been washed. She was on the list of criticisms of the conference opened yesterday... The latest survey in the United States shows that 73% of women have There have been distractions, some trivial things in life may affect your emotions in bed. Extending the time of foreplay, or giving each other a soothing massage before intimacy, can avoid "going to bed".

3. Learn different postures from each other

After many couples have lived with each other, they will feel that the sex life is not harmonious and boring. Always repeating the same action or several actions repeatedly, which has wiped out the expectations of both sides for sex life. If both parties try to try different poses and different places together. This will make love and sex full of excitement. But be sure to avoid positions that cause physical discomfort, because that will lower your interest in trying new poses. Of course, if you try more, you will find that you can successfully control so many postures. If you and your partner have a large difference in height and weight, then you can use external objects, such as pillows and cushions, to shorten the gap between them.

4. The bedside lamp selects a desk lamp with adjustable brightness

If you want a harmonious sex, you can adjust the room to a dark and soft light before sex to create a hazy mood. Studies have shown that couples observing each other's sexual arousal status in soft light, as well as personal sexual physiological responses, can strengthen both parties' sexual excitement.

5. Substantial love 7~13 minutes

Researchers at the Biland College in Pennsylvania, USA, found that substantive love (sex organ contact) is most appropriate in 7 to 13 minutes. More than 13 minutes, male fatigue will increase, and it is more difficult to restore physical strength; less than 7 minutes, both sides will feel deliberately unfinished.

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