Thursday, July 9, 2020

What to do if my wife is cold

In the face of the problem of the wife's coldness, as a man, don't be too anxious to get angry. You must seize the opportunity and make full use of various resources to let your wife feel the excitement and passion of sex. Today, I have compiled relevant information for you. What should I do if my wife is cold.

1. What should I do if my wife is cold?

1. Exercise can make you reawaken your depressed body and find that you are still a sexual person. Revitalize the human spirit and enhance self-confidence that governs the environment and sex life.

2. It can directly strengthen the waist and abdomen muscles involved in sexual intercourse and promote the secretion of libido hormones, especially for women who show cold sex due to poor physical strength. Exercise can increase the supply of sex hormones, oxygen and nutrients, which is conducive to strong sexual endurance. Exercise can make your waist and abdomen muscles strong and powerful, which can lead to no fatigue during sexual intercourse, and through different forms of love to enhance the emotional exchange between couples and enrich sexual life.

3. Exercise can reduce mental stress, make you feel more relaxed and can show your enthusiasm during sexual intercourse.

4. It can treat the whole body and local blood circulation, make the female [5] congestion of the vagina and pelvic cavity during sexual intercourse, produce lubricating effect, reduce the discomfort caused by the dry friction of the vagina; make the pudendal touch more sensitive, and promote the arrival of orgasm.

5. Let women maintain bodybuilding and enhance sexual attraction. Exercise can make you proud of your health and bodybuilding, and at the same time will make your lover unconstrained and satisfied. You and your lover will pour each other's stronger love to each other.

6. Exercise can produce endorphins in the body, help eliminate depression, treat emotions, increase sexual excitement, stimulate sexual desire, and prevent the lack of pleasure in sex life.

2. What should a man do if his wife is cold?

1. Take more family responsibilities to make your wife face life more easily.

Female sexual indifference is mostly caused by the pressure of life, and as the backbone of the family, it must bear more family responsibilities, so that the wife can face and enjoy life more easily and comfortably, thereby alleviating the symptoms of sexual indifference.

2. Give your wife more care and support.

Pay more attention to what your wife is most concerned about, strengthen the communication between husband and wife, pay more attention to your wife, use the little things in life to affect your wife subtlely, and make your family more warm and harmonious. Support the wife's career and work and meet the wife's legitimate needs, so that the wife can feel the warmth of family and love.

3. Properly guide and stimulate the wife's sexual concept.

Through mutual communication between family couples, they continue to attract their wives, guide their wives towards the correct sexual concept, adjust the intimacy between couples in various ways, and gradually change their cold feelings.

4. The desire to tease his wife without losing time.

In the two-person world of husband and wife, as a man, you must seize the opportunity and make full use of various resources to let your wife feel the excitement and passion of sex, such as: showing men's sexy and strong, watching love videos, creating romantic sentiments, and so on. Both can make a big change in the wife's coldness.

What should I do if my wife has a cold sex? Acupressure therapy can help to cover the coldness of female sex. In addition, she can exercise more with her. Exercise is an effective way to improve coldness. Exercise can not only reduce mental stress, but also be effective. Improve blood circulation.

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