Monday, July 20, 2020

What to do if the husband needs physiological needs during menstruation

For women, it’s best not to have sex during menstruation. In fact, many people should know this. However, some men often can’t control their sexual desires, and they also bring harm to women during menstruation. She said that she should respond to her husband’s pain in time and comfort her husband through oral sex.

1. Pay attention to your teeth, it will affect the progress of oral sex.

Open your mouth as wide as possible during oral sex, or cover your teeth with your lips. But what if the man’s penis is too thick and the woman’s mouth is too small? At this time, the woman’s best to reduce the scope, make a breakthrough, and suck his glans with her mouth.

2. Pay attention to whether the penis is clean. Do not perform oral sex if the other party has STDs or you have aphthous sores.

If you don’t have these very special circumstances, you should also wash it first. At this time, you might as well take a bath together, which not only solves the hygiene problem, but also completes the foreplay of sexual intercourse.

3. Pay attention to the man's penis

A man’s penis faces upwards after erection, so when sucking the penis, try to keep the direction of the penis as consistent as possible, and don't let the penis bend excessively to avoid pain.

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