Thursday, July 9, 2020

What should men supplement for couples with frequent sex life?

Zinc improves sperm motility

Zinc is extremely closely related to basal metabolism, hair growth and other diverse endocrine systems. Men's sperm night contains a lot of zinc, the body's zinc is not enough, will harm the total number and quality of male sperm. Men should always eat seafood products, a small oyster or 2 to 3 oysters will be able to show a normal man 24 hours of zinc. Iron-rich and colorful ingredients also include fish, beef liver, beef and mutton, shrimp, shellfish, sea vegetables, white sesame, peanut kernels, soybeans and beans.

Vitamin E maintains cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Men's carbohydrate metabolism is often destroyed, so they are prone to coronary heart disease and stroke-level illnesses. Vitamin E prevents carbohydrates from blocking capillaries and eliminates body waste. Vitamin E is contained in miscellaneous grains, dried fruits, and edible oil, so it is recommended that male compatriots eat more of this ingredient.

Lycopene makes male prostate healthier

This kind of natural carotenoids are mainly found in bright red foods such as tomatoes, melons, grapefruits, etc. It can eliminate oxygen free radicals in the male prostate and maintain male prostate organs. Therefore, a boy who eats more tomatoes is equivalent to adding a male safety net to his prostate. An adult taking 100-200 grams of tomatoes a day can consider the human body's need for lycopene.

The effect of medicinal wine is outstanding, helping men to aphrodisiac and kidney

"Medicinal tonic is not as good as food tonic." Foods that people often eat have kidney function, for example, pork loin, oyster, walnut kernel. Pork loin flower and Duoyi have a lot of zinc, which is very beneficial to kidney and aphrodisiac. Walnut kernels also have the effect of moistening lungs and cough. Eat raw or use two or three walnut meat with a pound of pure grain wine for one month, every night. Eating in large amounts can also exceed the actual effect of kidney and aphrodisiac.

In today's socially stressful situation, very few men's friends have a healthy body and mind. Therefore, men's pot friends have to use diet to nourish their health and improve fitness. The combination of diet and sports and fitness can be regarded as real physical and mental health.

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