Thursday, July 9, 2020

What should men do for the first time in life

Many boys and girls who have no sexual experience have a lot of worries about having sex for the first time, such as what to do if it hurts, what to do if the other party makes a joke by the other party. In fact, everyone talks about my first life, or more There are some embarrassing places, and today I have compiled some notes for you, hoping to help you.

1. Overcome the tension

Treat sex as a kind of beautiful enjoyment and happy expectation. Don’t focus your mental concentration on'pain'. A high level of mental tension will cause stiffness in the whole body. As a result, it will be extremely inverse. On the contrary, it will cause pain to yourself, just like When we go to the hospital for injection, the tighter the muscle, the more painful the needle injected into the muscle.

2. Don't go deep for the first time

Some bridegrooms think that the deeper and harder they insert, the easier the bride will be satisfied. In fact, generally speaking, this happens only after a long marriage, and not only because of the deep insertion, but also because the husband’s pubic hair can stimulate the wife’s clitoris. For the first night, the groom should first gently stroke the clitoris (pay attention to lubrication), and wait for it to fully bulge and expand before starting sex. In sex, the bridegroom should pay attention to rubbing and rubbing, and don't blindly hit hard. In addition, it is best to insert once in the first night, and then use other sexual lifestyles, so that the bride has a short period of recovery and adaptation after the hymen is cracked.

3. Kiss her neck

The female voice: "Kiss my neck" means "I want to enter the state faster" or "I want to show you my new underwear". The bare neck is indeed sexy, but is it simply as sexy? Psychologists believe that the neck is a relatively fragile part of the human body, which usually needs to be closely protected, which also makes it a particularly worthy exploration area during the fun.

4. Teasing her ears

Women’s voice for the “My First Life”: “Touching my ears or blowing on my ears during sex, I’m going to be crazy soon.” Women’s ears are covered with super sensitivity inside and outside Nerve endings, gently pour hot air into her ears, then infuse some cold air, massage her earlobe with your lips or fingers, and gently pull the earlobe down to enhance her sense of pleasure .

5. Will it hurt for the first time? How much does it hurt?

The first time the body receives a collision with a foreign body, there will naturally be an uncomfortable feeling. In addition, after the girl's hymen is broken, it will feel a little bit painful. But this is also different from person to person. Not everyone will feel pain when they have sex for the first time. The reason why many girls are worried about pain is their own psychological shadow and speculation of symptoms. Even if it hurts, it feels like being bitten by a mosquito at best, and it is fleeting, and then it will be surrounded by happiness and joy.

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