Saturday, July 4, 2020

What should I do if my baby has choking and airway obstruction?

1. Ye Mi wants to hiccup

When the baby was born, the body's body was not well developed, and the various organs were not well developed. Take the baby's stomach, for example. The newborn's stomach pylorus is loose, and it can't be closed if it is not well developed. If you don't care about your baby, Baoma will return milk and choke, which can block your baby's respiratory tract and cause suffocation.

Editor's suggestion:

When the baby eats night milk, the mother must be awake. After eating, don't let the baby sleep with nipples, gently lift the baby to let hiccups on the shoulders, wait for the baby to hiccup before the baby Put it to bed and sleep.

2. Eat nothing, speak nothing

Bao moms should pay attention, when the baby is eating, when there is something in the baby's mouth, Bao mom should not talk to the baby too much, this can reduce choking.

Editor's suggestion:

Do not quarrel your baby during the meal, because the airway is open when the baby is crying, and the food in the mouth will enter the esophagus;

Babies have coughing symptoms, Baoma must buckle out the food in the baby's mouth, or let the baby spit it out, do not let the baby swallow, the airway is also open when coughing, the food is coughing when the baby coughs Will also enter the trachea, choking;

Don't let your baby play mobile phones, watch TV, etc. when eating, so that the baby will be half-hearted. When the baby sees something funny when eating, he can't help laughing, and food in his mouth will enter the respiratory tract, causing choking.

3. Avoid large particles of food in food supplements

When preparing food for your baby, mother must avoid some food with larger particles. The baby's throat has not developed well due to age. During the process of feeding, the baby is distracted and the food can easily slide to the trachea. , Causing choking.

Editor's suggestion:

Baoma is making supplementary food or rice for her baby. She needs to break up the food or make it into powder, which can reduce the chance of baby coughing and can't cause harm to the baby.

The editor will give everyone the first aid method:

First aid method for airway obstruction:

(1) With the baby's face down, lift the baby's jaw by hand;

(2) In the middle of the scapula of the baby's back, the parent taps the palm down at least five times;

(3) If the foreign body does not come out, turn the baby over and lie on the back;

(4) Place two fingers on the sternum angle slightly under the nipple line;

(5) Quickly press no less than 5 times, each time the sternum sinks 4cm;

(6) The two methods are used repeatedly, during which time the baby will cry or cough violently until the ambulance arrives.

The above is the reason for the baby's airway obstruction, and the first aid for the baby's airway obstruction, I hope it can help everyone.

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