Thursday, July 9, 2020

What should I do if I have sexually transmitted diseases in the same room as my boyfriend

What should I do if I contract STD with my boyfriend

"I gave it to him before I fell in love. There are many shortcomings in gynecology. I really regret it. The pressure is great. I want to tell my mother, but I can’t imagine the result. My mother only looked at me and didn’t ask about this. I think I’m sorry for her and my father. I feel that I’m really tired of being physically and mentally painful.”

How to fall in love for a long time? How to solve the emotional crisis? The process of growth is to learn to be responsible for your own choice slowly. Your choice has brought such results before. I don't know what you learned from there.

I was suffering from gynecological diseases because I didn't take safety measures. Isn't it because I took a step back without wearing gloves? Sure enough, only gynecological diseases have no pregnant children and no pregnancy.

A person grows up to your age, sexual physiology is mature, want curiosity and try, do something for love, you have to pay now, do you have a responsibility to choose yourself? If you don’t want to, frost on the snow, blame or blame yourself And can't miss yourself.

Severe conditions may cast a shadow and seriously affect the life afterwards. However, if you want to be responsible, whether you are injured or sick, you want to bear the results of what you have done in front of the facts. These become a part of your life experience, become the foundation and experience of your growth, and become a lesson for you to learn to love yourself more-a course to pay for.

Everyone has their own secret. When you grow up, you can choose whether you want to share the secret with your parents. Indeed, your parents want you to love yourself, but there are things that have already happened. You may seem to have made a mistake now. In a situation where we cannot recover from past changes, can we have a better way to deal with it? Can you help yourself to live a better life and be happier? Is self-blame and guilt good? Yes, but what will you bring?

In order to help you live a happier life, will you learn to forgive yourself and love yourself more? Learn to cherish your body and feelings, find someone who truly loves you in the future, and enjoy being loved and loved. Did you help your parents when you helped yourself like this?

Is it appropriate to tell mom, I think you have your own answer in your heart. If someone shares, especially with the support and acceptance of the most important people, the mood may become better. If mom accepts that she really loves you, she can forgive you. If your mother does not accept you unconditionally. Learning to be your own "good mother" is also the process of your inner independence and strength.

How to fall in love for a long time? How to solve emotional crisis? Youth can make mistakes and want to bear. Who hasn't done it? Learn to love yourself, girl. Then, happiness and happiness, and true love come. Are you happy to learn to love yourself unconditionally forever?

"I'm really uncomfortable and sad. I seem to have told my mother that her personality is really scared of hurting her and that she can't accept it. As for my boyfriend, who gave me himself, he didn't give me He feels safe, he is trustworthy, and he has fewer and fewer contacts recently. I am a little bit persecuted and delusional. I am afraid that I have any intolerable diseases. I am always very negative.

I always consider the worst result to myself, I am afraid of my misfortune, I feel that I will be misfortune, I don’t think I can live, I don’t know how to solve these problems of myself

I hope there is someone who can protect me, I hope he feels nothing afraid, but I can’t find it, I want my family to have children, but I am 19 years old and still in college, I don’t know why I think so

I’m really helpless, I don’t know how to go.”

From your words, you can feel the feeling of "taking you away" of "want to be loved, want to be loved" in your heart. Maybe I don’t feel the power to love myself, so I hope to save you.

Expectations are always simple. Being rescued is always Aetna's effort. But can the relief entrusted to others really be trusted? I think your experience has given you experience. You are lucky.

I used to have good friends. She longed to be loved as much as you, and later chose dross among her good suitors. Recently she suffered severe domestic violence. She has two daughters and beat her when her husband is not happy. She has lived a lot. Years of life like this. She longed for the man to change. Then she can live a good life. However, this desire, looking forward to the results of others' salvation, pushed himself into the fire pit.

The root cause of all misfortune is that individuals do not love themselves. When an individual does not love himself, meeting is always a bad person for himself. Like my friend, she pursues more than one, many of whom are very kind to her, but she only loves so much.

I advised her that this person was unreliable and she could not hear it. When an individual cannot save himself, he always feels only pain. She doesn't love herself anymore. How can others be kind to her? According to psychology, external relations are manifestations of internal relations. People who love themselves, and people who love themselves, choose unconsciously. People who don't love themselves, always meet garbage men. Everything is in your heart.

If the child feels unloved, he is unhappy. Studies have shown that the mortality rate of infants who do not get enough care and hug is much higher than that of infants who touch and hug enough. This means that if you are happy when you are loved, you want to live in this world. If you are not loved or not loved, it means that one does not want to be attached to this world because of unhappiness.

Why do people with depression commit suicide because it is painful to live. But you are no longer a child, and there is no need to rely on the love life of your parents. You have reached an age where you can give yourself love. If you feel that your heart is not loved, your inner problems, and love yourself strongly, it will bring you a happier life. I decided that I must help myself live happily.

Have all the power to learn to love yourself. Whether it is studying psychology or the help of a psychotherapist. Develop your heart, find a way to love yourself, and realize the possibility of loving yourself. Can help to live happily, can live. Then, you will meet your good people and live a happy life. Unhappy people are not loved people, and living means pain for them.

Falling in love with someone who is not good to yourself is actually falling in love with "bad me". When a person cannot see the "bad self" and cannot accept the "bad self", he throws it outside and unconsciously approaches the "bad self", loves the "bad self" and thinks about "thinking of himself" ( The underlying language is still not allowed to be spoiled, and not allowed to be spoiled)

In fact, because he can't accept the "bad me", he can't accept the "bad man". Changing him also wants to make the "bad self" better. It would be better to spend a lifetime "changing the same "bad him." This is the "love" that loves us "losing ourselves, indulging, and not being able to get rid of." He is the mirror of yourself that you find in the other side of the map, "the feeling of love "It helps find people who are invisible to you.

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