Monday, July 20, 2020

What poses can men go deeper

In male sex, men like to go deeper and enjoy the pleasure of coming. If the sex skills are used properly, women will feel the feeling of a male sprint, which can be said to be particularly wonderful. So how can a partner who wants to feel this way go deeper?

What posture can a man go deeper

1. The male lies on his back and the female sits on it.

A woman’s upper body is upright, which can lower the uterus. As she sits straddling with her legs spread out, her mouth is greatly opened and her neck is easy to insert. Moreover, after insertion, the front end of the yin neck can touch the uterine neck, so it can promote female pleasure. However, when approaching orgasm, the muscles of the female body will contract, and the whole body will be nervous and the body will move backward. Therefore, the shortcoming of easy withdrawal of the penis will occur when the orgasm is reached. This should be paid attention to.

2. Perform the squatting position with female buttocks.

If you still cannot fit men with short sexual organs, you must move forward a little, and then bend down again, so that sexual intercourse can be more comfortable and the degree of integration is deeper.

3. Women lie face down, buttocks slightly puckered.

This posture can touch the deepest private parts of women, and it can also make people mistakenly think that the male genitals are enlarged. Men can take the darker and shallower methods, and it is best to use the left and right.

4. Women lie flat on the bed and put their legs on the shoulders of their partners.

Improving the position of the legs means improving the position of the vagina and effectively tightening it. This posture helps stimulate the female G-spot. However, if you find that the female body is moving backwards, it means that she is very uncomfortable, so don't continue this action.

5. The male sits on the edge of the bed or chair, and the female faces his partner and sits on his lap.

In this position, women can easily control the angle and depth. This is especially suitable for men to understand what is the gentle, slow and sufficient stimulation of female obsession. This position is very suitable for those who like to work slowly and carefully, because the body is very relaxed at this time.

I hope that what I have introduced to you above will allow men to enter a deeper posture and provide some reference for partners, so that they can quickly achieve their wishes. As long as the postures are applied properly and the partners cooperate with each other, together they can have a passionate sex.

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