Friday, July 3, 2020

What nutrition does breast milk have?

What nutritional value does breast milk have?

Avoid baby allergies

Some mothers will find that after feeding the baby with formula milk, the baby will have a rash or even vomiting, which means that the baby is allergic to the formula milk. The allergen is β-lactoglobulin in milk. Because the baby has just been born and the digestive system is not fully developed, these proteins in milk cannot be digested.

Compared with formula milk, babies rarely have allergies when drinking breast milk. Although many anti-allergic types have also been added to many formulas, breast-fed babies are far less likely to have asthma than babies who drink formula.

Enhance baby's resistance

For babies, the first colostrum of mother after delivery is very important. Colostrum contains many antibodies, and after scientific research, some of the nutrients in colostrum are five times that of ordinary milk, especially suitable for babies who have just been born and whose digestive system has not yet fully developed, reducing the burden on the stomach. It can also improve the baby's immunity and make the baby's growth and development more smooth, which is something that the formula cannot do.

It’s easier for mom to recover

In addition to the important nutritional value for breast milk, breast milk also has a good effect for mothers. Many mothers will gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. After giving birth, they will have to confine their babies. They also need to eat high-nutrition foods in their daily diet. This is difficult for moms who want to recover their body as soon as possible.

But if mothers use breastfeeding, they can reduce their physical problems. Breastfeeding can consume fat accumulated during pregnancy. If the mothers ingested nutrients during breast-feeding period, as long as they can meet their own needs and breastmilk needs, they will no longer take extra high-calorie and high-fat fats, which is very helpful for restoring slim body.

Breastfeeding has many benefits, but if the mother does not have the conditions for breastfeeding, you can also retreat to use formula milk to feed the baby. Now the development of formula milk is also very mature and can provide the nutrition the baby needs. Don't force yourself too much.

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