Monday, July 20, 2020

What is the psychology of sexual abuse

It is said that "fighting is love and cursing is love", then in real life, what level of fighting is love? What level of cursing is love? This also requires everyone to master a certain measure and scale. If you do too much, then no matter how hard you try afterwards, it will be too late to remedy, such as sexual abuse.

What is the psychology of sexual abuse

Scholars believe that female patients with sexual masochism are trying to overcome or offset their sexual sinful feelings through this symbolic punishment.

Some experts believe that: “Typical sadomasists are often shy and passive. They are those who have extreme prejudice against women and those who hate women.” Related research also shows that the longer the use of obscene materials, the longer the duration of sexual perversion. The longer, the application of obscene materials also promotes repeated crimes. It can be seen that correcting bad personality in a timely manner and consciously resisting the bad influence of pornographic media are of far-reaching significance for promoting the development of mental health.

The motives of real sexual abuse patients are not to intentionally cause others or themselves to suffer, but that these abuses can arouse sexual excitement.

We can sometimes see some dramatic scenes like this: the sadomasochist is so busy apologizing and caring for the sexual object after some "abuse", so that the other party is ridiculed. Those who use blades, sharp needles, or corrosive potions to destroy their clothes or bodies on the strangers of the stranger, and who quickly escape the scene after committing the crime are usually classified as sexual sadism.

In the sex life of a normal adult, sometimes when the orgasm is reached, both sides may have mild beating, scolding, pinching, biting and other behaviors. If there is no excessive harm and these behaviors are not used to arouse sexual excitement, it is not For those who belong to sexual abuse, we must not stand alone, because this is the real "beater, love."

So now everyone knows how the psychology of sexual abuse manifests?

I hope everyone can see this clearly. In the world of both sexes, each other should be treated fairly. As the saying goes, husbands and wives also need to respect each other as guests. If they always hurt each other, it is bound to cause both losses!

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