Friday, July 10, 2020

What is the psychology of men kissing women

In love, the relationship between men and women wants to be more and more intimate, and inevitably there will be physical contact, from holding hands, hugging to kissing, will increase the love between the couple. But some boys who are pursuing girls sometimes use these behaviors to attract the girls' attention. The most interesting way is to force a kiss. So what are the psychology of men kissing women?

1. Definition of strong kiss

Most of them are boys with normal looks and conditions. In the process of pursuing girls they like, they often come up with ideas and actions they want to take. Usually in this case, the girl did not determine that the relationship between the two was a boyfriend or a boyfriend, and most of the boys were issued good cards. Boys who were not satisfied with the status quo wanted to break the relationship between the two by suddenly forcibly kissing to achieve boyfriend. the goal of.

Second, the man's strong kiss the woman's psychology

1. Want to determine the relationship with the woman

When a man is chasing a woman hard, the woman's attitude is unknown, and she has been in the ambiguous stage, the man will have the urge to kiss the woman, because the defense line of the woman's heart will soon collapse under the strong kiss , Succumbing to men, the relationship between the two can also be further confirmed. However, in this case, boys must determine whether good girls have a little liking for themselves.

2. Express your love

Strong kiss is a strong way of expressing love. A person who wants to love you will want to kiss you. The strong kiss is to suppress your love, and then choose the strong kiss. However, when a man kisses a woman, there is often no malice, just want to tell you how much he loves you. And women also want to be kissed strongly, because a strong kiss can give a woman a feeling of being needed, and her inner security will also increase.

3. A strong miss eruption

Men often don’t know how to express their emotions, and strong kisses are also a way of emotional explosion and venting. When a man misses a woman very much, he is very eager to see her. After seeing her, the man can't help but miss her, they will express all their feelings with a kiss. Sometimes because of being too excited, this kiss may also cause discomfort to the woman.

After understanding the psychology of a man kissing a woman, what do they think when they are kissed as a girl?

Third, the girl was forced to kiss the psychology

A man's initiative to kiss a woman is an emergency, while a woman's initiative to kiss a man is a premeditated event. A study by the French "Women" magazine found that in the subconscious, every doctor wants to be caught by a man he likes and kissed against the wall, which will bring them more pleasure. Experts analyze that most women regard kissing as an indispensable part of intimacy, and are eager to experience the feeling of being needed and valued.

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