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What is the man's virgin complex

What is the man's virgin complex

First, I will explain it from a psychological perspective. First, I will introduce a few concepts, Freud's identity, ego and superego. "Id" (fully subconscious) stands for desire and is suppressed by consciousness; "self" (mainly conscious) is responsible for handling real-world affairs;

"Superego" (partial consciousness) is the reason why so many people with conscience or inner moral judgment care about the virginity complex is to eliminate our lack of education and make it more sacred. This great sense of sacredness scares many people.

Everyone is more or less anxious about this, but some people are particularly serious. This great sense of sacredness places people on a moral level. If I maintain my virginity before marriage, it seems to mean that I am a morally noble person, especially a pure person.

In fact, there is no special connection between virginity and who you are. People use the superego (moral ego) to restrain themselves, but at the same time there is an intrinsic ego at work. Our emotions are often beyond the control of our consciousness. Sex is our normal need, and our instinct ego is both ego and superego. The result of action.

Under normal circumstances, when sexual relations occur for the first time, they can usually adjust themselves due to the exploration of the unknown body and anxiety over a period of time. However, a few people, affected by various factors, cannot reach the balance between the self and the superego, and will have a serious virginity complex. In Zhihu, some people even said that there are two things that cannot be touched, one is drugs and the other is a film.

According to Freud's theory, a man with a serious virginity complex has a very strong desire to be himself. He has been suppressing it. He refused to accept his bad side and admitted that he needed it. Then he used the virginity complex to show his noble morals, which is also a disguise.

The other is affected by the family environment or upbringing and some major traumatic events in life. These people have a particularly strong sense of psychological incompetence, which may also affect their sexual ability. When I was in junior high school, there was a girl in our village who worked outside until she got married and then got married, but the next day she was sent back by her mother-in-law.

Later, I heard neighbors talking in private. It turned out that she was no longer a virgin and her husband was very angry. However, the girl later got married and it was not bad. I believe such things are not uncommon. People with serious virginity complex usually see things as black or white, the self is not good, the superego is good, the two cannot be combined well.

Such people usually feel that they are honest and frank in their lives. When dealing with things, they can't see the gray area, and they can't find a sense of balance here or there. The reason we pay special attention to this aspect is related to our childhood education.

The more people avoid talking about sex, the more attractive sex seems. Neither our parents nor the teacher told us the correct knowledge in this regard, which also led to our children forming this deep-rooted concept and wrong understanding of sex. If a woman cares about this aspect of her, in general, she is weak in other aspects and has a particularly strong feeling of powerlessness.

Only a virgin can guarantee that she has a certain advantage. If she loses her advantage, she will be particularly anxious. If something like this happens, on the one hand, one should adjust his own perception and view it objectively; on the other hand, if you are particularly worried and afraid, you can develop other charms to make up for this fact. Virgin complex is often used to attack people.

In fact, the people doing this are very hateful and smart. If you attack height, appearance, educational background, work, etc. , You can always refute it, but this virginity complex seems difficult to refute. According to scientific data, one in every 1,000 women is born without a hymen, and the hymen has no physiological function. 44% of women do not bleed during the first sexual intercourse, and strenuous exercise may tear the hymen.

Obviously, the hymen is not a criterion for judging whether a woman has any substantive behavior. In Bi Shumin's "Female Psychologist", the heroine Horton once went to the psychological clinic to get 100,000 yuan to register, deliberately took a red ink capsule, squeezed it during sex, and let the intellectual Qian Yikai Feeling self-blame for being a virgin, so as to achieve the purpose of borrowing money.

Many women do this because some people worry that their future husbands will pay special attention to it, so advertisements for hymen repair and vaginal contraction are now everywhere. I have a good friend who works in the judicial department. He has been in contact with many divorce cases.

Their reason is "emotional discord". In fact, after a long period of time, the parties will tell him the real reason, mostly "sexual dissonance". In his words, do not try before marriage, is it dissonant after marriage? To some extent, I encourage pre-marriage Sexual behavior and hide it, but this has become a problem.

I always think that the most important thing between two people is to look at each other, whether they are happy together, whether they have a common language, some problems are too tangled and meaningless, whether you encounter such trouble, safe sex Are necessary.

Marriage is not just about sex, it's about personality and whether these three views are consistent.

A good marriage depends on fate and hard work.

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