Saturday, July 4, 2020

What happens if the baby has white hair? Pull it out or not?

Understand the cause of white hair: white hair is formed because the melanocytes in the hair follicle cannot produce melanin granules, or the melanin granules cannot be normally transported to the hair shaft. That is to say, the reason for the child's white hair and the amount of white hair are not related to whether you can pull it out. Therefore, the child's white hair will not be pulled out more and more.

So, what's the matter with a child with white hair?

(1) Children with white hair may be inherited

We may all know "less white heads". This situation means that when the child was young, he found that the child started to have partial white hair, but after inspection, no other problems were found. The gray hair in this case is probably related to family inheritance.

(2) Some diseases may make the child gray-haired

Friends who helped Mom for this reason have encountered it. At first, we thought that his hair color was so light, but later he went to the hospital to check and found that the hair was white due to disease. Some diseases, such as albinism, Booker syndrome (also called hereditary early white hair), vitiligo (local or generalized skin discoloration), etc. can also cause hair follicle melanocyte dysfunction, causing all or part of white hair.

(3) Unbalanced nutrition and mental emotions can also cause gray hair

The synthesis of melanin requires phenylalanine and tyrosine. If there is a long-term lack of animal protein in the food, it is likely to lead to a lack of phenylalanine and tyrosine in the body. Insufficient melanin synthesis results in white hair. This situation is due to imbalanced nutrition and lack of animal protein. It is usually because the child picks food, so it is important to correct the child's eating habits. There is also a lack of some vitamins or trace elements, which will also affect our hair color.

In addition to the nutritional imbalance mentioned above, mental emotions can also cause gray hair. The rapid changes in mood can easily make the body's nerves dysfunctional. At this time, the function of secreting melanin will also be impaired, which will affect the synthesis and transportation of pigment particles and form white hair.

Knowing the reason, what should we do if the child has white hair?

First of all, we must find the cause of gray hair. If it is gray hair with other diseases, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. After the doctor’s clear diagnosis, you can do targeted treatment; if it is an imbalanced nutrition, you must help your child correct it. Don’t be picky about your own eating habits. You need to have a balanced diet when you eat. If you lack trace elements, you can supplement them targetedly under the advice of a doctor; but if it is caused by some genetic disease, this situation may be difficult to change. Too. But moms can help children know themselves, fully mobilize their self-confidence, and make them realize that they are the only treasure in their parents' hearts.

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