Friday, July 10, 2020

What girls should pay attention to for the first time

The first-time life of girls can be seen as a symbol of changing from "girl" to "woman". Many men may not remember their first time, but for girls it is memorable and unforgettable.

1. What girls should pay attention to for the first time

1. Prevent inflammation of the damaged hymen

After the hymen ruptures, there will be some slight pain and a small amount of bleeding. It should be wiped with sterile gauze or cotton wool. It is best to have sexual intercourse every 2 to 3 days to prevent inflammation of the wound. If the hymen ruptures and bleeds a lot, and the pain is unbearable, you should see a doctor immediately.

2. Pay attention to external genital hygiene

You and your husband must wash the vulva with warm water and neutral soap on the wedding night. Due to the purchase of marriage items and entertaining relatives and friends, the newlyweds are busy and tired. The smegma of men and the vaginal secretions of women increase. If they are not cleaned, they are very unhygienic, which will affect the sexual desire and health of both men and women.

3. Make good contraceptive measures

If both men and women do not want to have children right away, and do not take birth control pills, both husband and wife have concerns, and the woman is more afraid of pregnancy, so her thoughts cannot be concentrated, and sex life will be affected. If the woman takes contraceptives in time, or the man wears a condom, there is no worries about the dual convenience, concentration, and sexual life will achieve satisfactory results.

4. Treat premature ejaculation correctly

For the first time in life, the man may have failed sexual intercourse due to a lack of sexual knowledge or excessive excitement and premature ejaculation. It should be forgiven for this situation. This is not premature ejaculation. With the growth of sexual knowledge and the accumulation of sexual experience after marriage, the two parties cooperate with each other and will soon return to normal.

5. Close cooperation and caring for each other

When starting a sex life for the first time, both sides feel a sense of shame, especially the woman is more obvious, the psychological state is more complicated, and mental tension. To let her husband move gently, try a few more times at a time. The woman should also actively cooperate to overcome the tension and fear, take the initiative to relax, awaken sexual excitement quickly, have more vaginal secretion, and have a good lubricating effect, which can reduce the pain during sexual intercourse and the pain caused by the scratching of the hymen.

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