Thursday, July 2, 2020

What does the baby do when the pregnant mother sneezes?

During pregnancy, women’s sensitive nerves are exerted to the extreme. They are also extremely sensitive to the usual odors, so many people always sneeze during pregnancy, and sneezing is a kind of muscle contraction. During exercise and muscle contraction, the treasure mothers will inevitably have some feelings that are different from usual. At this time, the treasure mothers feel nervous, thinking about whether they will have an adverse effect on development. The babies' reactions when sneezing are not only cute, but also sometimes ridiculous. Then help your mother to take stock of your baby's reactions during sneezing during pregnancy!

1. Babies still asleep may be woken up

During pregnancy, when the mother sneezes, it causes the muscles of the uterus to contract. This contraction is slightly stronger than usual. Therefore, the baby who is still sleeping in the mother’s stomach will have a feeling of thunder, and the baby who has just been woken up I am in a state of ignorance, so at this time, the treasure mothers do not need to be nervous, because the cute baby in the belly is just woken up, maybe the baby is looking at the outside with a cute face, thinking about how mom can be so powerful Thunder inside.

As a pregnant woman, especially a mother who is pregnant for the first time, it's normal to become more sensitive and nervous than usual, but we can't resist the body's own reaction from this, express our inner feelings and physical needs In order to give children a more relaxed growth environment.

2. Babies may interact with their mother

When pregnant women sneeze affects babies in their stomachs, some babies may be dissatisfied. At this time, the babies will produce a series of counterattacks to tell their mothers that their quiet living environment has been affected. Excuse me, these small movements may be reaching out~ kicking the leg~

Therefore, after the mothers sneeze, they don’t need to be nervous to see the baby’s fetal movements, because this is just the baby’s response to the contraction of the uterine muscles, which is to express their little emotions. Belly, let the babies return to a calm state.

3. Babies may also feel uncomfortable when they sneeze

Sometimes the mothers sneeze because of their sensitive reactions during pregnancy, but at other times they do not rule out sneezing caused by other reasons such as cold or rhinitis, because the baby and mother are connected together, so this Sometimes the babies will feel uncomfortable and make some reactions. The mother-child reaction is not just the baby expressing his dissatisfaction, but also the love for his mother, so this time mothers should adjust themselves in time. Status, so as not to let your baby continue to worry about herself.

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