Friday, July 3, 2020

What causes the baby's physical fitness? The third one is beyond your expectations

Entering autumn, almost entered the season of high incidence of baby diseases. Moreover, in daily life, I often hear grandma or mother saying that their baby is easy to catch a cold and often have a fever. Even some babies will have repeated colds. In fact, these are related to the baby's own constitution.

So why do some babies have poor physique? Mothers want to know why the baby's physique is poor, they must first understand what is physique.

The so-called baby's physique is a physical, physiological, psychological, comprehensive and relatively stable inherent characteristic formed by the innate factors and the long-term influence of the acquired factors.

So, what are the reasons for the baby's poor constitution?

1. Innate factors

We all know that some babies have poor health because one or both parents have poor health, or even have genetic diseases. These congenital factors will cause the baby to grow up weaker and more susceptible to illness.

Second, the acquired effect

1. The child has a partial eclipse

A balanced diet is very important for babies. The human body is a very wonderful structure. There are many elements in the human body. It is these elements that keep you balanced at a certain level to ensure the health of the human body. If the human body is missing a certain element, some diseases will follow. The partial eclipse of the baby is the most likely to cause nutritional deficiency. When the balance is broken, the body's immunity, resistance, etc. will decline, and eventually evolve into poor health. Therefore, severe partial eclipse is the first major cause of the baby's poor constitution.

2. Rely heavily on drugs

Modern Western medicine is becoming more sophisticated, and many diseases can be cured within a few days. Therefore, many mothers have a philosophy: they should take medicine immediately when they are sick. This is not the case. Take fever as an example. Fever is a physiological reaction of the body against external evil. However, when the baby has a fever, many parents immediately give the baby medicine. Can't take medicine, so I started busy infusion. In fact, the baby itself has a certain resistance, and the resistance is getting stronger and stronger in many illnesses. Therefore, if you have always relied on drugs to fight diseases, then your baby's own immunity will not be very good.

3. The baby is undernourished

The modern economy is developing rapidly, and it is no longer the time when we need to worry about survival problems. Therefore, nowadays children are more and more like snacking. However, there are few nutrients that are beneficial to the human body in snacks. Even some snacks contain substances that affect the baby's growth. Therefore, if the baby eats more snacks than food, it will cause the baby to be malnourished and eventually cause poor health.

Based on the above, the reason for the poor constitution of the baby has an inseparable relationship with eating habits. Therefore, the most basic way to improve your baby's physique is to improve it from your diet. So, what food should I eat to improve my baby's health?

1. Fungus food

Shiitake mushroom, Hericium erinaceus, Tremella, etc., all belong to fungus food. These foods contain not only the essential macroelements, but also trace elements. At the same time, it also ensures the intake of vitamins, calcium and phosphorus. Eating more of these foods can enhance your baby's resistance and prevent colds.

2. Foods rich in vitamins

As the weather cools, the cold becomes the most common disease. Eating more vegetables rich in vitamins, such as cabbage, radishes, and bean sprouts, can improve your baby's resistance and make her less ill.

After entering the autumn, the temperature is showing a downward trend. The temperature will be relatively cold until the spring of the next year. Therefore, if you want your baby to be less ill, you should prepare in advance. Only if the baby has a strong immunity, can the disease be far away from the baby.

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