Wednesday, July 8, 2020

What are the things that cesarean section needs to go through, but not the cesarean section?

Some pregnant mothers may struggle to decide whether to have a cesarean section or a caesarean section just before delivery, while some pregnant mothers may have to choose a cesarean section due to physical reasons. So what are the things that cesarean section has to go through, but not the cesarean section? Please see the whole process of cesarean section.

First prepare the skin on the abdomen

The first step in skin preparation is to clean the hair and clean the area that needs surgery. Different from natural delivery, natural delivery is mainly perineal skin preparation, while cesarean section is mainly abdominal skin preparation. Of course, preparing the skin is not just about cleaning the hair. After cleaning the hair, it is necessary to clean the skin. Before the cesarean section, it will also undergo an iodine scrub.

Then insert the catheter

Catheterization is necessary for cesarean section, but not for cesarean section. This operation is mainly to maintain the pressure of the bladder, but also to avoid bladder filling and accidental injury to the bladder during cesarean section.

Followed by anesthesia

Many pregnant mothers choose cesarean section because they do not have to experience the pain of childbirth. The anesthesiologist will semi-anesthetize you before the operation, mainly to anesthetize your vulva or spine. After anesthesia, your lower body will slowly lose consciousness, but your Your head is awake. At this time, you may be a little nervous. The doctor will help you relax. You may relax and close your eyes to sleep. When you wake up, you will find that your baby has been born.

Then the abdominal wall and uterus will be cut

Generally, before cesarean section, the doctor will decide whether the scalpel is cut transversely or longitudinally according to your physical condition, but no matter what kind of surgery, as long as the baby is healthy and born safely. But the biggest drawback of cesarean section is here, it will leave a scar on your belly. Therefore, if you have a condition for cesarean delivery, choose cesarean delivery. You really don't want to experience the pain of cesarean delivery. Cesarean section is also acceptable.

Immediately after taking out the fetus, taking out the placenta

After cutting the uterus, you can see the fetus. At this time, the doctor will puncture the fetal membrane and first lift out the fetal head. The doctor will first clean the liquid from the mouth and nose of the fetus to avoid suffocation, and then the doctor will gradually Pull out the fetus's shoulders and body, and then cut the umbilical cord. Even if the baby is born smoothly, it is indeed much faster than the time of natural delivery.

Subsequently, within half an hour after the delivery of the fetus, the placenta will also be delivered, but the cesarean section does not have a strong contraction, so a doctor needs to inject oxytocin to promote uterine contraction to help the placenta deliver.

Final suture

According to different surgical incisions, doctors will have different suture methods. If it is a transverse incision, the scar is relatively small after recovery. However, if it is a longitudinal incision, the incision will be slightly longer than the transverse incision. Recovery is slower than that of a cross-section.

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