Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What are the hazards of low progesterone in early pregnancy?

In the first three months of pregnancy, if the progesterone in the pregnant mother is low, there will be a slight accident during this period, and the fetus may not be able to keep it, so the pregnant mother can't carelessly.

After pregnancy, especially early pregnancy, if you want to know the development of the fetus, look at the progesterone value to some extent. Therefore, some knowledge about progesterone must be known to pregnant mothers.

Causes of low progesterone

Progesterone is low, mostly caused by insufficient secretion of the corpus luteum in pregnant mothers. During this period, if the pregnant mother does not take external measures, the fetus is likely to have an accident. Some pregnant mothers have low progesterone, which is due to abnormal corpus luteum function. If this is the reason, it is easy to relapse after pregnancy. It is recommended that women should be treated before pregnancy, otherwise the lack of corpus luteum due to this reason, then supplementing too much progesterone later will not help the fetus.

I have a girlfriend. When I was pregnant, it was about a month. I found brown secretions in my private parts. Later, I went to the hospital to check that the progesterone in the body was low, and there were signs of threatened abortion. After taking it for a week, the secretions will be gone. Here is still recommended for pregnant mothers, especially in the first trimester, if you find abnormalities, when you are not sure what is the reason, it is best to find a professional doctor to diagnose and treat yourself, so that you will not put yourself and the baby in danger .

The role of progesterone (the harm of low progesterone)

Progesterone can help the fetus to "root" in the mother's womb more safely

Progesterone secretion is sufficient, on the one hand, it can inhibit uterine contractions, on the other hand, it can help the fetus to absorb enough nutrients. If the pregnant mother has the problem of insufficient progesterone, it will affect the implantation of the fertilized egg, and the problem of threatened abortion will occur, which may directly lead to abortion.

Judgment of fetal development based on progesterone value

During the first trimester, doctors will judge the development of the fetus by the progesterone in the pregnant mother. After the first trimester of pregnancy, the role of progesterone will gradually decrease after the fetus is stable, but the role of progesterone in the first trimester is still very important. This must not be underestimated by pregnant mothers.

According to progesterone to judge whether it is ectopic pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, if the early pregnancy test finds that the progesterone value is greater than 25ng/ml, it means that the fetus is very healthy. The value of progesterone in a pregnant mother's body exceeds 15ng/ml, most of which can rule out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. If the progesterone value is less than 5 ng/ml, the fetus can basically be considered to be suspended. Therefore, the progesterone value is too low, and the harm is also conceivable.

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