Monday, July 20, 2020

What are the harms and disadvantages of masturbation

As we all know, excessive masturbation is harmful to the body, but many people do not realize the seriousness of its harm. Today we will talk about the harms and disadvantages of masturbation and tell everyone what harm masturbation has.

1. The harm of men's frequent masturbation

Occasionally masturbation has no effect or harm on the body, nor is it morally corrupt. Teenagers do not need to be troubled by this, it becomes a kind of mental trauma, and parents do not need to worry about it. However, if masturbation becomes a habit, it can undoubtedly cause adverse effects and consequences both physically and psychologically.

Frequent masturbation may indeed bring some effects on sexual function in the future. So what are the disadvantages of masturbation? In clinical work, it has been found that repeated masturbation, once aroused, sexual impulse and excessive sex life after marriage, will make the body weak, and have tinnitus, palpitation, backache, weak legs, dizziness Dizziness, memory loss, mental decline and other manifestations, severe cases of frequent dream ejaculation.

People who repeatedly masturbate have abnormal sexual excitement and are very prone to sexual impulse. Frequent sexual impulses and frequent ejaculation will inevitably lead to nocturnal emission, semen, and premature ejaculation; if the excitement turns to inhibition, it will cause impotence or weak erection.

People who repeatedly masturbate sexually stimulate, especially the stimulation of ejaculation, which makes it easy for men to not ejaculate after marriage, and for women to have intercourse without orgasm, so they cannot get sexual satisfaction.

People who repeatedly masturbate have a morbid psychology. They can't help but masturbate when they encounter more sexy stimulation. Strong masturbation stimulation shortens the ejaculation process significantly, and even the disease develops to the point where they can't help but ejaculate without masturbation. Such people ejaculate as soon as they come into contact with each other after marriage, and thus cannot have sex.

Since masturbation is harmful to sexual function, people who have the habit of masturbation should give up as soon as possible.

2. What are the harms of female masturbation?

For women, what harm does masturbation have? The main disadvantages of masturbation are as follows:

1. Pain in the lower abdomen.

Once masturbation triggers sexual excitement and reaches orgasm, it will cause a certain degree of contraction of the uterus. Therefore, masturbation during menstruation may aggravate the degree of dysmenorrhea.

2. Pelvic stasis and dysmenorrhea.

Unmarried women who often masturbate have a high incidence of pelvic congestion syndrome and dysmenorrhea. Psychological obstacles caused by masturbation can also cause infertility.

3. Sexual life will be cold.

Due to frequent masturbation, some women suffer from physical diseases, and the sex life after marriage is difficult to obtain the desired results. As a result, the mental burden is heavy, and some people may also have sexual frigidity, which adds many difficulties to childbirth.

4. Neurasthenia.

Because of the stimulation of masturbation and long-term excitement, fear and tension, nerve damage can easily cause neurasthenia, which is not alarmist. Masturbation itself does not cause neurasthenia, but because these people have an incorrect understanding of masturbation, believing that masturbation is an immoral, indecent and indecent act, and masturbation is harmful to the body and carries a heavy burden. Long-term mental stress will keep the cerebral cortex in a state of continuous excitement, prone to fatigue, manifested as inattention, slow thinking, and unresponsiveness. If it cannot be adjusted in time, neurasthenia and endocrine disorders will eventually appear.

5. Leucorrhea increased.

It stands to reason that the increase in leucorrhea and masturbation should have no inevitable connection, indeed it is. However, long-term masturbation may bring about the problem of increased vaginal discharge. Because the vaginal discharge of masturbating women is composed of vaginal mucosa and secretions from the endocervical tube, a small amount of secretions from the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Masturbation does increase the number of leucorrhea. One is that masturbation causes strong sexual stimulation, which will suddenly increase the secretion of the above-mentioned liquids. The second is that under the stimulation of masturbation, the blood circulation in the sex organs and pelvis suddenly accelerates, and the blood supply increases significantly. In the condition of abundant blood circulation, the production of leucorrhea will also increase.

6. Inflammation of the urethra.

Women masturbating easily cause inflammation of the urethra. The mechanical stimulation of masturbation to rub the vulva will not only directly stimulate the urethral opening, causing congestion and edema of the urethral opening, but also unclean masturbation, it is easy to cause bacteria and other pathogens to invade the urethra, causing inflammation, and should be treated in a timely manner.

7. Infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

Frequent and intense masturbation can cause a variety of undesirable consequences, the most prominent being infertility. Because masturbation will inevitably lead to vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis and salpingitis, severe cases can also lead to peritonitis, sepsis, which is a major disadvantage of masturbation.

Repeated inflammatory destruction, tubal endometrium and muscular layer can cause trauma, such as scar formation, mucosal cilia necrosis, and eventually will cause tubal obstruction and peristalsis dysfunction, after marriage can seriously affect the operation of eggs, sperm and fertilized eggs Bed, leading to infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

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