Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Unexpected pregnancy abortion surgery cannot be later than this time

Some women do not go to the hospital due to various reasons after pregnancy, resulting in too late abortion. In principle, more than 12 weeks will be harmful, because at this time surgery, general curettage surgery can no longer be done, and the pregnant person will suffer more pain.

Induced labor sometimes makes doctors embarrassed

If the fetus is too big, the abortion should be induced. The so-called induced labor is to let the fetus be born through the normal delivery channel through a special method. There was a pregnant mother who discovered that her husband was derailed when she was pregnant for more than 5 months, and the two became divorced. Later, the pregnant mother also decided to give up her baby and went to the hospital for an induction operation, but when the baby was induced, it was still There are signs of life, and the doctors and nurses are particularly embarrassed. It is really cruel. A good life just died early because of the breakdown of parents' feelings.

Therefore, accidental pregnancy must be careful, no matter what type of abortion surgery is taken, it is not too late. The best choice in time is when the fetus is less than 3 months old. At this time, the surgery will cause the least damage to the fetus and adults. Yes, women’s bodies are easier to recover after abortion. Some women have incomplete abortion surgery, which has caused great damage to the uterus. It is also very bad to wait until you really want to get pregnant.

Finally, it is recommended that for women, if they are not prepared to have children, they must pay attention to it. It is best not to let themselves get pregnant. Even if they are accidentally, the operation time should not be too late, otherwise all injuries will be caused. Is great.

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