Monday, July 20, 2020

Twenty-eight secrets in bed, incredible after reading

Not everyone is devoted to studying those things about sex, but if you really want to investigate it, there are indeed many incredible secrets! Whether you care whether they are actually there, you might as well follow the editor to find out more, maybe it will improve your new understanding of sex.

Twenty-eight secrets on the bed are incredible after reading

1. Hot water bottle

Hot water bottles are not only useful in winter. Putting it under the buttocks during sex will make the blood circulation in the pelvis smoother and help you find a better position for sex.

2. The gap between orgasms

Experts discovered the fact that only 26% of women in heterosexual intercourse reach orgasm, but in homosexuals this number is as high as 86%.

4. Statistics of the number of sex

Americans topped the list with 124 sex a year, Greeks ranked second with 117 times a year, and South Africans ranked third with 116 times a year. The German ranked eighth with 105 times a year.

5. Protective drinks

Doctors in Minnesota, the United States found that washing the genitals with cola after sex can kill about 100% of sperm.

6. Sex efficiency

American sex researchers believe that it is more efficient to have sex in the office. About 8% of men and 7% of women have tried sex in public.

7. Treat migraines

British doctors found that sex can help treat migraines. Every excitement of the genitals blocks the pain. Orgasm can even increase women's pain tolerance by 70%.

8. Bad idea

The three things men don’t like to hear in bed are: "Enough now!" "My God, your baby is so small!" and "What? It's over?"

9. Favorite posture

Western Europeans still have traditional ideas about sex. Women like the way men dominate in sex, while men like the posture of women on top of men.

10. Self-help

Even with a regular sexual partner, 78% of men and 53% of women still satisfy their sexual needs through self-consolation. But not many people are willing to talk about this issue.

11. Sex practice

The following muscle exercises will help improve your response to orgasm: tighten your lower abdomen and take 5 deep breaths. Review more every day, and there will be significant results soon!

12. Juice cocktail

This product from the United States can help sperm to be discharged more smoothly. The two most popular flavors are pineapple and strawberry.

13, love words

The three most popular words that men hear in bed are: "You are great, my baby!" "No one is better than you!" and "I love you!"


The risk of contracting AIDS and other diseases through anal sex is twice that of normal vaginal sex. Despite this, in some western countries, 2% of women have regular anal sex.

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