Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Twelve months a year, these months are suitable for pregnancy, couples who want to get pregnant do not miss

Spring is here, the weather is warming up, and the whole world is becoming restless. Many animals and plants in nature are suitable for sowing and multiplying in spring. So for humans, is spring also suitable for pregnancy production? Actually not really. For human beings, twelve months a year, these are the months suitable for pregnancy preparation, couples with pregnancy preparation plans should take a good look, do not miss a good time.

The best pregnancy is from July to September in late summer and early autumn

Strictly speaking, the two seasons of the year that are relatively suitable for pregnancy are spring and autumn. Because the weather in these two seasons will not be too cold or too hot, the best moment of human life. However, compared to spring, autumn is more suitable for pregnancy. Because various epidemic viruses are prone to raging in the spring, various pollen plants can also easily disrupt human health. Autumn is much better, the autumn heat starts to recede, and people's sleep and appetite are the best time, if the pregnancy is successful. Expectant mothers are much easier to maintain their babies during the first three months of fetal development.

Precautions for pregnancy

First of all, it is necessary to discuss with your husband or other members of the family, and pay attention to things during pregnancy. For example, pregnant couples can remind each other to stay away from bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, and staying up late during pregnancy. If the pregnant couple is living in a newly renovated house, they should be vigilant because the new house is prepared for pregnancy. There are too many harmful gases in the newly renovated house, and it is impossible to prevent it. The baby born later may suffer from congenital diseases. Don’t think that these little details in life do not matter, and even think that everyone else is okay. Many newborns with one or other diseases are mostly caused by parents’ lack of avoidance of potential safety hazards in the process of preparing for pregnancy or childbirth. .

Secondly, it is necessary to do a good physical examination to ensure that the couple's health is healthy during the stages of pregnancy and childbirth. This will ensure that the husband and wife can prepare for pregnancy faster. Considering that once a woman is ready for pregnancy, she will have to go through a "breeding journey" for several months, and her body and mind will be challenged. Therefore, women should check all kinds of physical indicators, especially the health of teeth that are easily overlooked. According to some mothers during pregnancy, they suffer from torture, eating and sleeping because of teeth during pregnancy. Don't look down on small oral health, it affects the mother's appetite during pregnancy and indirectly affects the development of the fetus.

After all preparations for pregnancy are made, couples who want children should relax and not be too nervous. As the saying goes, "I can't eat hot tofu". There is no problem with the body. Having children is sooner or later.

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