Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Try to avoid having children during these time periods

1. Just married for honeymoon

Many newly-married couples choose to spend their honeymoon, but rarely go to honeymoon for the sake of their children. During honeymoon, both husband and wife are very excited, but it is undeniable that honeymoon has a high chance of pregnancy, but honeymoon Both husband and wife are in the same room when they are tired. They are not good for the quality of sperm and eggs. When the bad seeds grow, they cannot grow up, which increases the chance of miscarriage.

2. After checking the body to have children

For physical examination, you have checked X radiation, CT, etc. It is generally not recommended to have children during this period. Everyone knows that these instruments have radiation. Your body needs time to eliminate these harmful substances. It is best not to get pregnant before excluding it, otherwise it will increase the chance of miscarriage.

3. Often travel outside

Speaking of the work of male friends who travel a lot, everyone knows the customary words of going to the village. When you go to someone else’s place to invite you to dinner, you can’t refuse it, so tobacco and alcohol will reduce the quality of sperm, and sometimes The sperm, which can cause deformity, is very tired when traveling, and it is the best period of physical discomfort. If you want a child, you will increase the chance of miscarriage.

Pregnancy needs attention

1. Women are ready to eat folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy, and three months after pregnancy

2. The pre-pregnancy check must be done to avoid hidden genetic diseases;

3. Pay attention to your diet and sleep during pregnancy

4. When preparing for pregnancy, couples should remember to exercise, but do not let yourself be out of fatigue;

Pregnancy needs to be paid attention to, the couple should take care of the body to the best state to have children, do not want to have children, panic without a little common sense of pregnancy, then it will increase your chance of miscarriage, or the child is born The body is weak.

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