Sunday, July 5, 2020

Transform into acne mom after childbirth? That's because your skincare made these mistakes

Most women get angry and have acne on the face if it is not clean enough. This is a physiological phenomenon. It is not that you will not get acne after you are old. Also, be aware of acne on the face. There is a dangerous triangle on the face from the root of the nose Draw a triangle down on both sides, it is best not to squeeze the acne in the dangerous triangle, which will cause damage to the face. Today, the editor will explain the methods for removing acne.

1. Squeeze Detox

Most women think that it is good to squeeze out the pimples and pus water, or to squeeze out the acne on the face. In fact, you think so, but the dream is good. The reality is cruel. Scars will fall, and serious infections will be caused. Is there any difference between this and the disfigured women? So don't squeeze acne.

2. Use cosmetics

Some Bao Ma's acne will use cosmetics. The astringent water can converge the skin of the face, but one thing that Bao Ma will forget is that the astringent water will tighten the skin, which will intensify the secretion of sebaceous glands and stimulate the skin. Acne grows, so it's more than worth the loss, and the acne has accelerated growth without removing it.

3. Abuse of antipyretic drugs

Many people know that acne on their faces is all angry (except puberty), most people will choose to take clear medicine when they are angry, and some people will choose to drink more water. In this way, the fire is faster, but do not take the medicine yourself. There are many kinds of medicines for clearing fire. You should take medicine symptomatically. Do not take more clearing medicine. The more acne, the more damage will be caused to your body.

4. Correct face wash and acne

First of all, we must first keep the face clean, first wash the face with warm water, then squeeze the facial cleanser into the palm and rub the bubbles, even if there is no foam, then apply it to the face, so that it will not directly stimulate the facial skin , Just apply the facial cleanser evenly, wait for about 30 seconds to wash the facial cleanser. You must remember that the water must be warm water, not hot water or cold water as this will irritate the skin.

5. Reject high-sugar foods

Getting angry is usually the reason for eating or drinking water with yourself. The editor of the diet reminds you not to eat Gaotang food, and often do not eat fried or spicy foods, mainly light foods. This is good for your health, nor Lack of nutrition; for women who do not drink water, I would like to say that you have not heard a word? Women are all made of water. Adults need to drink 1-1.5L of water every day, so have you met the standard?

6. Vitamin supplement

For women who often have acne, don’t forget to add vitamins, because vitamins have the effect of nourishing skin. Vitamins have a good effect on acne. Vitamins can be supplemented in our usual diet, such as: milk, vegetables, fruits, Fish and other foods, these foods can remove acne.

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